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I sometimes like to goof off and Alex from Glory Boon has this way of capturing every moment that I spend acting like a dork.  Oh, all shots were taken by my camera but with Alex doing the snapping!

Poncho:  Handmade Ewa Bazaar // Hat/Fingerless Gloves:  Handmade Ewa Bazaar // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Dolce Vita (similar here)
Ok, so if you read my post (here) I talked about my Blogger
Brunch.  I cannot tell you how much I
love hosting these little meetings.  They
truly are the greatest.  I love getting
to know all of these amazing women whether it be because they’re bloggers or
Etsy shop owners like me.  I’ve gotten to
know most of these lovely ladies on a personal basis and some I have already
known for OVER A YEAR!  Anyway I want to
talk about the outfit I’m wearing because it was the most perfect outfit I
could have possibly worn that day. 
As you can see I have a thing for ponchos and anything that
is loose fitting.  I’m not too sure when
this happened because I used to be a fan of anything tight/tailored and now that I lost
weight I’m the same size I was before. 
Something about trying to squeeze into something when I can be comfortable
just doesn’t seem alluring.  I love this
poncho because it’s Alpaca and I LOVE Alpaca. 
It keeps you warm just like regular sheep wool but it’s not itchy like
sheep wool.  This particular poncho is
handmade and is available in Ewa Bazaar
The Alpaca is from Ecuador.  Now,
not only is the poncho Alpaca but so are the hat and fingerless gloves.  I didn’t even have to wear a long sleeve
shirt underneath because the poncho was almost like wearing a huge blanket, but
still fashionable because of the knit and the fact that I wore it with pants
and over the knee boots.
This was the perfect outfit to travel in as well because I
have to take the train into the city and for about 1.5-2 hours I’m stuck on a
train that is usually cold.  So what did
I do?  I snuggled up with my poncho and
fell asleep.  Walking around the city
especially when you’re jumping from the train to the Subway to the sidewalk you
want to be comfortable, warm, and still functional.  I was all three of these with this
Now, the shirt I wore underneath was a chambray shirt I
scored at Marshalls for $7 last winter (winner winner chicken dinner)! 
The pants are Ralph Lauren and boots are Dolce Vita from Lord &
Taylor (similar here).  I’ve already been
living in these boots, literally, I think they’re the only shoes I wear
now.  Good Job Dolce Vita.

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  1. I adore this look! I would love a poncho like this! It looks oh so comfy! And I love your spunk in your pictures! Too cute! Thanks for joining J and me in the Celebrate Southern Linkup! I'm pinning this look so hopefully Santa will bring me a poncho! 🙂

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