New Years Outfit


Coat:  Mom’s Closet (old) // Skirt turned into a dress:  Zuri Zuri by Flora // Scarf:  Coach (Ewa Bazaar) // Belt (can’t really see):  Burberry // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (Marshalls) // Clutch:  Marshalls
Oh, NYE, you are here. 
Another year has gone by, actually more like flown by.  We will be welcoming 2015 really soon.  I still can’t believe it.  I think about the year 2015 and what happened
10 years ago.  I got my license, my
second car (Monroe, my Mk5 Jetta), I started college, I got Kuba for my
birthday (the little white fluffy Maltese that makes an appearance every once
in a while), and the list goes on.  It’s
crazy to think that this year will be my 10 year High School Reunion.  I don’t actually know if it is still
happening because I mean most of us keep in contact on Facebook, but if it is I’m
definitely going.  I didn’t have the
greatest experience in high school but it would be nice to see my old group of
friends.  It’s crazy to think that so
many years have gone by.  Honestly, it
really feels like just yesterday was high school graduation and I was so
excited to go to college and start my grown up life.  Now I look back on it and wish I could turn
back time so I could relive those moments where life wasn’t as serious and
driving around aimlessly doing weird NJ things with friends was our Friday
night, before I had to graduate and find a big girl job and, well, grow
up.  I’m excited to see what 2015 brings
me.  I don’t have any New Years
resolutions because I want to start living day by day and not stress.  It’s good to have goals but I feel like
everyone is always making the same resolutions, to work out and get all that
holiday weight off, to find a better job, to quit something, and the list goes
on.  This year my only resolution is to attempt
to cross of some more off my list of 30 before 30.  Of course I have a few things in mind that I
want to do in the new year but I’m not going to make it a resolution and stress
Let’s talk outfit details. 
So that dress is actually a skirt that I wore here and you can find it
at Zuri Zuri by Flora.  It’s supposed to
be a midi skirt but I felt like being creative. 
I belted it (of course) with my giant green Burberry belt.  I added that Coach scarf to make the colors
pop a little more and you can never go wrong with Betsey Johnson shoes.  I’ve had these shoes since 2012, I bought
them especially for my MBA graduation since my school colors were blue and
white.  They’ve lasted me this whole time
and they’re actually one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes (believe it or
not).  The coat is so old, it was
actually my mom’s and she bought it quite some time ago, maybe even 10 years
ago haha.  That clutch I also got at
Marshalls over a year ago.  I love
ringing in the new year in a very dressed up outfit.  It’s tradition in our household to leave the
old year looking good and ring in the new year, kind of like when you go on an
interview, you dress to impress.  Maybe
it’s a little bit of superstition too, but I love any excuse to dress up all
fancy shmancy.  Although, don’t get me
wrong I do love that moment when you take off your fancy clothes and put on
some PJ’s.  It makes it so much easier to
snuggle up with Lilly (my puggle) that way! 
I hope everyone enjoys their New Years Eve and Day.  May 2015 bring you and your families good health, happiness, success,
and wealth! 
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