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So the lovely Jamie from Snap Ginger  (top right) asked me to be a part
of the Tour Through Blogland series that a bunch of bloggers are becoming a
part of.  Jamie is a fellow NJ blogger
like moi.  Check out her original post
here about her tour as well!  Now let me
answer a few questions so you can get to know Jersey Girl, Texan Heart a little

What are you
working on now?

question is, what am I NOT working on?  I
feel like what I should work on is learning to relax and just sit down for a
few minutes but lately I have been doing so many things from my Jars by Monica
business, to Christmas outfit/nail art posts, to baking for the holidays, and
so much more.  I guess something that I’m
excited to eventually start doing is a collab with a photographer/videographer.  He actually approached me and I was taken by
surprise because well that’s pretty awesome! 
That probably won’t happen until a few months from now but at least it’s
in the works!

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

feel like my blog offers a little bit of everything.  I talk about fashion, beauty, nail art
tutorials, baking, fitness, and my life. 
I feel as though my blog is more of a magazine because I offer so many
different things.  I don’t even know how
I started branching out into different topics, but I feel like in the fashion
industry you can only look at pictures of someone in different outfits so
much.  I even started getting bored of my
own blog and that’s when I decided I needed to rebrand and spice it up a

Why do you write/create what you do?

be honest, this is a tough question.  I
write/create everything in this blog for so many different reasons.  I started this blog in 2010 because I needed
a creative outlet and then life got in the way so I stopped.  I didn’t really feel confident enough to
start back up again until 2013.  Then I
realized that I really missed blogging. 
I missed communicating with other bloggers.  I work in corporate America and it gets
really monotonous after a while.  My blog
keeps me wanting to try new things and being adventurous.  I dedicated this blog to my good friend
Dan.  Everything I’ve done in the past 2
years has been thanks to him.  He opened
my eyes to see the beauty in everything, and that’s what I intend to do both in
life and in this blog.  So honestly I
feel like there really isn’t an answer to this question because there are so
many reasons why.

How does your writing/creative process work?

inspired by things in my everyday world. 
If there’s a day where I’m not inspired, that’s the day I won’t
blog.  I don’t want to write terrible
quality content when I know I’m just having an off day and tomorrow I’ll try
again.  There are days where I don’t want
to blog and I just want to catch up on all of the other blogs that I missed out
on in the week.  I never want to force a
post out of me because I’ve done it in the past and believe it or not those
were the posts where I had the least amount of views on.  I also keep myself very organized with my
blogging.  I have a planner that I write
in almost every day to figure out which days I want to post what and I write
down all of my ideas for posts because well most of them I think of while I’m
stuck in traffic so as soon as I get home I’ll write it down and save it for
when I can finally sit down and blog.  I
also have a lot of exel spreadsheets to keep me in check with my budget.  There are a lot of times where I’ll
specifically buy things for my blog and for blogging pictures/purposes, I keep
track of all these purchases so I keep in mind how much money I’m
spending.  This girl still has to pay her
bills too!
the fun part, introducing some of my blogger pals that I highly recommend you
should go check out!

Christie from The Closet by Christie

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies in person and they are just as great in person as they are on their blogs.  They have gone from cyber blogger friends to real life friends, now go check out their blogs!

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