1 Year Anniversary and a GIVEAWAY

I know some of you come to my blog every Monday for
#manimonday but today will be slightly different so I can give my nails a
little break and also because today is my Etsy Shop’s One Year
  I am so excited about
this!  People always ask me how I got
started with my business and it was a pure accident.  I was making Christmas ornaments for my mom
and coworkers one day and my creative juices started flowing.  I had a minor (ok maybe major) obsession with
mason jars and wanted to make a Christmas table centerpiece.  I also turned this into a DIY post
(here).  Once I made this I decided since
there were a few more mason jars just collecting dust why not make some center
pieces out of those.  That’s when my mom
said “maybe you should try selling these.” 
So I did.  I had a pretty good
response and then a few months ago I became obsessed with wire bangles.  I started looking on Etsy and found out that
it was a little above my price range for all of the ones that I really liked so
yet again, I made some myself.  I also
made them to fit my style.  Once again my
mom told me to sell them.

I rebranded and renamed my shop (read all about that here)
and am currently selling Mason Jars as home décor and wire bangles.  I enjoy making all of these so much and it’s
a great feeling to know that so many other people enjoy them as well.  I am also creating something new and I love
that I get paid to do something I love. 
As some of you know I work a typical Monday through Friday office job
and it’s a great job but I can’t really be creative so the fact that I have my
own small business is really amazing.  I
thank all of you for your support and for those of you who purchased either my
jars or my bangles, it truly means a lot!

Since I am feeling so extremely grateful for making it
through a whole year with this business I want to giveaway either a set of 2
bracelets or one mason jar centerpiece, it will be your choice once you receive
your email from me!  They will be made
once the giveaway is over.  If you choose
a set of bracelets I will simply ask you what color you would like and the rest
is up to my creative juices.  For the
mason jar, these can be more customized however you will have to allow some
time for me to be able to make them. 
Also, this giveaway is only open to the UNITED STATES.  Any INTERNATIONAL entries will be
removed.  I greatly apologize for
this!  Below are some more pictures to give
you an idea of what my Etsy shop consists of. 
Also, if you can’t wait to see if you won the giveaway and have to have
something that’s in my shop I am offering 20% off at check with coupon code ANNIVERSARY

Again thank you all for your support!  Please be sure to enter the giveaway below!  It starts today and ends next Monday 1/26/15.

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