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It’s Friday already.  The second day of the new year.  Welcome 2015, I hope to experience many great
things with you, if you could keep things the way they were last year or even
better then you my friend will be the greatest year ever.  Ever since I got out of sadness in life (a
few years ago) I’ve lived in such a great atmosphere.  Don’t get me wrong, I get mad and sad, but I
don’t fret over the little things and I get over things a lot faster.  I feel like these past few weeks have been
such a blur, I guess that’s what the holidays to do you.  Is it just me or did the holidays go by a lot
faster this year?  Anyway, time to jump
into my 5 for Friday.
1.  2015
Happy New Year!  Welcome 2015, grab a seat and stay a while!  Or at least until 2016 kicks you out and
steals your seat.  This means we are that much closer to Fast 7!
2.  NY
The past few years, my New Year’s
celebrations were either at home or they were spent in a very boring manner,
just imagine me the dressed up one (I mean dressed to the nines) at a friend’s
house where everyone has jeans and a tshirt on, talk about overdressed.  This year I was invited to upstate New York
to join in on festivities.  I had so much
fun!  I’ll try my best to do a recap but
I can’t make any promises, the next few weeks are pretty busy.
3.  Lilly in Pink
I am getting more orders than I
can keep up with.  I had mason jar orders
for the first time in a hot second, and now one of my blogger friends wants to
purchase two more sets of bangles, EEEKKKK! 
I did a little happy dance when she contacted me.  I love that people enjoy the work that I have
so much fun making.  Plus, when you’re
rewarded in something that you like doing, whether it be a compliment or a sale
it’s very exciting.  Oh, and also I have
a little mini sale going on!  It’s to
kick off the New Year with a little present from me to you.  Everything in the store ($10+) is 15%
off!  Just type in code WELCOME2015 to receive
it!  This will be going on until January
9th so don’t miss out.  Oh and in case you’ve never visited my store, click here.
Ear Jacket:  Born Pretty Store // Necklace:  Born Pretty Store // Scarf:  Born Pretty Store
4.  Blogger Perks
If you follow me on Instagram you
already saw this picture the other day. 
I got some really awesome stuff from Born Pretty.  The scarf, ear jacket, necklace, and nail
supplies (nail supplies aren’t pictured here) are all so amazing!  Everyone knows how much I LOVE Marilyn Monroe
so this scarf is perfect.  I’ve been
wanting to try ear jackets and this necklace is so quirky, every gem/stone is
different.  The nail art supplies I haven’t
tried yet but I’m going to try and make a mermaid effect design, we will see
how it turns out.
5.  Back to a healthy lifestyle
I promised myself that after the
holidays I would go back to my healthy lifestyle.  So most likely starting next week it’s back
to what I was eating before with my allowed cheat days.  I hate calling it a diet because as soon as I
call it a diet I fail at it, so I just say it’s a change in lifestyle because
well, technically it kind of is.  I think
my mom and I will also feel better once we cut out some of the carbs and sugars
we’ve consumed.  My mom is diabetic and I
unfortunately have higher sugar levels than what the average is so the doctor’s
said I need to start watching myself now so I don’t end up like my mama.  Maybe I’ll even start going to the gym with
my mom so we can have rock hard abs and killer bodies in bikinis haha.  
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  1. That's great that you're usually the overdressed one at parties. I've always wanted to host a NYE party {with our friends that we see almost weekly} and have everyone dress up in cocktail attire. I think it would be really difficult to get the husbands on board with that one but the idea always floats around in my head every year. But you got to go somewhere exciting this year! Yay!!


    1. I am always severely overdressed haha. It's ok though, I love it. I think the cocktail attire is a fun idea! I mean everyone can always bring clothes to change into once the ball drops!

    1. Yea, girl let me tell you about these brownies I made that I stuffed my face with. I think from my baking and my mom's cooking combined I gained a lot haha. Every extra pound on my body right now was totally worth it though haha

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