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Etsy Anniversary/Giveaway
If you have been reading my blog since last week this Monday
marked the one year anniversary of my Etsy Shop!  The place where I sell mason jar home décor and
wire bangles.  The place where my
creativity comes alive!  So as a big
thank you to everyone who has purchased or has even talked about my shop to
others I have two things going on for you. 
First I have a giveaway (here) check out the details and such.  Secondly, if you just can’t wait for the
giveaway to be over I’m offering a 20% off discount at checkout using coupon
Again, thank you to all of you who have supported my love
for making things!
Guest Post tomorrow on Snap Ginger
Make sure to check out Snap Ginger’s blog (here)
tomorrow!  She’s going to be featuring me
while she’s away on vacation and if you read my post on Tuesday (here) I’ll be
giving some simple tips on how to mix and match prints and patterns!

Some news about a feature next week!
Ok, so since I can’t keep my mouth shut and I can never keep
surprises (I already gave boyfriend one of his Valentine’s Day gifts and almost
spilled what the rest of it is) I have a feature that goes up either next week
or the week after so stay tuned to find out what it’s for! 
Coupon Code Born Pretty
Remember my reviews for Born Pretty Store (here and here)
well not only did they ask me to review some more items (super excited because
they are such a great brand to work with) but they are offering a 10% off coupon code
at check out MODAG10 !  I have so many coupons
this week!
Friday Funny/Cute
Now if you’ve been following my 5 for Fridays lately you
will see I’ve been linking up with Meet at the Barre.  She has this thing every Friday called Friday
Funnies and she is seriously the greatest and I still have no idea where she
finds half of these things but they crack me up in the morning so I’m going to
try and take a stab at this!
I mean come on, you just have to love minions.

You have no idea how many people have threatened to make me walk home because I do the wee wee weeeeeeeee out the window.
Seems about right, even though I don’t do anything exciting on the weekends because I’m such a homebody.
Work it guurrrrllll!!!
This is also me when I’m stuck in traffic on my way home ON A FRIDAY.  Everyone forgets how to drive haha, and therefore I end up saying I hate you to almost every car.
Happy Friday!
Don’t forget about my giveaway here!
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  1. Congrats on the Etsy Anniversary! I love Etsy! I love all of your funnies. They make my day! Thanks for linking up to H54F!

    Della@Della Devoted

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