5 for Friday


1.  Liberty Black Boot Girl of the Month Feature

You know how last week I talked about an announcement?  Well I kind of spoiled the surprise on
Tuesday and actually found out Tuesday night that my feature was up.  Liberty Black Boots asked to feature me as
their January Boot Girl of the month!  I
was so absolutely blown away by this because I mean that’s really awesome!  So if you would like, just click here to read
my interview!

2.  Bullet and Texas Earrings
My new favorite earrings came in the mail this week!!!  Yippee! 
The past few weeks I’ve been on this upcycled jewelry kick and I was
going to attempt to make myself bullet earrings or a necklace but I just haven’t
gotten around to it, so I figured I’d support some fellow Etsy shop owners and
just buy them instead of making them.  I
chose the 40 caliber shells since that was the first type of bullet I ever shot!  I’ve only been shooting once in my life (New
Year’s) and don’t worry no animals were hurt, I was just shooting at a target
in a controlled environment.  Well once I
got those earrings I decided that I needed matching earrings for the other
holes in my lobes.  I decided to go with
little Texas state studs.  It was only
necessary because they both kind of match. 
Plus I’m missing Texas these days since it’s been so cold!  One thing I do suggest with the bullet earrings is get just plain studs because the colored ones aren’t actually colored stones, they are white stones that are I believe coated or painted.  Oh, and before I forget you can find the
shops that have these earrings here (bullet earrings) and here (Texas
3.  Snowmageden –BIG LOL
With the whole me missing Texas being said, that brings me
to this part of 5 for Friday.  The
snowmageden that was supposed (key word) to happen.  I was kind of looking forward to a snow day
but I only had a 90 minute delay le sigh. 
I know a lot of people were outraged but at the same time the meteorologists
are supposed to predict the weather, I mean they’re not doing a good job
because as of lately they’ve been very off on a lot of things haha.  However, I would like to be prepared for the
worst because you never know maybe one day they will say we are only getting 5
inches and we get 24 inches.  I think we
maybe only got a foot by where I live, maybe a little less but by Tuesday
morning mostly everything was clean.  So
unfortunately I was not able to have a snow day and work from home.

4.  The Little Things
Some of you might’ve already seen the above picture on zee
Instagram on Wednesday but I wanted to say a little something about it.  Now I know what you’re thinking “who uses CD’s
anymore?!” but unfortunately this girl still buys CD’s because I mean that
awesome booklet inside is the highlight of it, DUH!  In all seriousness I do still buy physical CD’s
even if I’ve already bought it off iTunes because I want to support the
artist.  I guess I’m slightly weird.  Anywhoo, I wanted to point out something that
I tend to say a lot in life; it’s the little things.  Boyfriend made me this CD and it’s a bunch of
songs that both of us like.  I thought it
was the cutest thing because I’m pretty sure he hasn’t made a CD for a girl
since high school haha.  Regardless I
thought it was so sweet.  He put thought
into it.  I would much rather get a cd
than a diamond necklace.  I don’t know
why but I guess I just focus more on the little things in life.  There’s so many great things that happen on a
daily basis that a lot of us take for granted. 
Stop and smell the roses every once in a while.
5.  Friday Funnies/Cuties!

Of course what’s Friday without THE CARLTON!
I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the above GIF, but on Facebook there’s a little thing circulating of this full dance and Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off playing, it fits PERFECTLY!
I also feel very bad for my future children.  They will never have the pleasure of growing up on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!
For those of you who will be going out to the club this weekend haha.
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