6 Ways Back To My Healthy Lifestyle


As some of you know last year I
was at my heaviest that I’ve ever been in my life and decided to lose 20 pounds.  Well of course, around the holidays there’s
SO much food that I’ve gained a few back. 
I’m also not going to lie to you; each one of those pounds that I gained
were so worth it!  Now, normal people
make it a resolution to lose weight, especially the weight they gained over the
holidays.  In my case it’s moreso I want
to get back on track to my healthy lifestyle. 
Back when I cut out/back on carbs, sugars, and sodium.  I know that if I call it a diet it sounds
like a chore to me and it makes me fall off track, but if I call it a healthier
lifestyle I feel like I’m doing something extremely good for myself and my
body, not just that I want to look good in a bikini (which I wouldn’t mind
either!).  Now that the holidays are over I’m going to start posting my weekly fitness posts, but I can’t make any promises.

These are some of my quick and easy ways
I start to get back on track
1.  Hydrate

Seriously, it’s number 1 on my list for a
reason.  I sound like a broken record to most of you because I say this every time someone asks me for tips.  My number one tip is to drink your daily amount of water.  

2.  Weigh in

Weigh yourself and I even take a “before”
picture so I can document it for myself and feel better once I start seeing
some progress.  Make sure your before picture is taken in generic clothing so you can wear something similar once you take progress pictures.  This way you will really see the difference and that motivates you to continue with your fitness journey.  Also, don’t weigh yourself everyday because there will be fluctuation and some days will be better than others.  Try weighing in at the same time every week, so maybe try a Sunday/Monday before you eat.  I started weighing myself everyday and certain days you are lighter than others so sometimes I would get discouraged and obsessive about it; that’s never good.

3.  Get a meal/workout journal

Trust me it actually helps to document your
life.  I know it sounds really horrible
and most people would tell me to relax, but if it’s tough for you to stay on
track this helps show you on paper (no pun intended) what you are doing to your
body.  I have a daily planner that goes with me EVERYWHERE.  It’s perfect because I write down my daily notes and I not only use it for any type of fitness logging, but I use it for this blog as well.  Sometimes I really do need to figure out my schedule and color code my calendar in this planner to block out certain days that I know are too busy for me.

4.  Go shopping

Ok, ok, ok, you got me.  I love to shop, BUT in my defense, I tend to
feel a lot better about myself especially when working out when I look the
part.  It’s just like when you put on a
suit you look and feel the part of a business professional, same goes for some
legitimate workout clothes/sneakers. 
Plus, there’s a science behind workout clothing and footwear nowadays
that actually helps you, so yea, that’s my other excuse, it’s beneficial!

5.  Set goals

This will help motivate you.  Now I know in my “not so New Year’s
resolution” (here) I talked about not stressing myself out this year but when
it comes to living a healthy lifestyle I need some kind of motivation/goals to
keep myself thinking “you got this.”

6.  Team up

In my case, I’m teaming up with my mom
because she’s diabetic so I figure if she really CAN’T eat certain things,
might as well join her so she doesn’t feel left out.  It works for both of us because if there is
one day where we don’t have self control the other one can be the angel on the
shoulder not the devil.

I’m really excited to go back to normal and start this healthy world of mine again.  There will DEFINITELY be cheat days but at least for the most part I can stay pretty healthy.  I hope that some of you find my fitness posts helpful and possibly even motivating!

**Health and Fitness Disclaimer:  Please note, I am not a licensed trainer or doctor, nor do I claim to know about health and fitness.  I am not a licensed nutritionist.  These are things that I do and in my opinion work for me, I do not know if they are harmful.  Please consult your doctor first should you have any questions or concerns.