Born Pretty Store Part 2

As you saw from this nail art post, I got some lovely
goodies from Born Pretty Store.  I said I
would show all of you the rest of what I received and here it is.  I was able to chose a few things so I went with
this Marilyn Monroe scarf, this necklace, and these earrings, along with the
nail art supplies from the other post. 
As soon as I saw this scarf I fell madly in love.  First of all I’m a huge scarf person and
secondly I’m an even bigger Marilyn Monroe fan. 
This scarf is absolutely perfect. 
I’ve been wearing it quite a lot.  

It was so incredibly windy that day so I look bigger than usual (thanks shirts and cardigans for puffing out) and my hair is an absolute mess!

Moving on to the necklace
Every gem is different on the necklace. 
It’s supposed to have a rustic/vintage feel to it and it’s so
unique.  I wore it on NYE/New Year’s and
I was getting so many compliments on it. 
Someone even told me that they were going to steal it off my neck
haha.  Needless to say I love it and it’s
so cute, I actually bought another one for a friend!
Now the earrings for some reason I couldn’t get a good
picture of with my camera so please bear with the iPhone quality photo from
last week’s Five for Friday post.  These
are pearl-esque ear jackets.  They are
really comfy (I don’t usually wear earrings in my first hole, only in the
second and third ones) plus they have two holes on the actual jacket part of it
so if you have a fat ear like me you put it through the higher hole and if you
have a smaller ear you put it on the lower hole.  

The day that we took these pictures it was incredibly foggy
outside.  I also live in a township
filled with lakes, almost every corner you turn, bam, surprise, a lake!  So the mist started to come up from the lake
causing some of the pictures to get a little distorted.  I thought these pictures were cool because
they almost look eerie and Halloween’ish.
Anyway, I really like Born Pretty Store.  I mean, I’ve already bought something from them (that didn’t take long).  It takes a little longer to ship just because it’s not based in the US, but I love their stuff.

ALSO to let everyone else enjoy Born Pretty they are giving a 10% off coupon code!  Just type in MODAG10

**I received certain items from this post as compensation to review the products.  However, all opinions are my own.

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