Happy Birthday

So there’s this lady I call
mom.  It’s her birthday today.  A woman never tells her age so unfortunately
I will have to keep all of you guessing how old she’s turning today.  Regardless I am so proud to call this woman
my mama.  For those of you who don’t
know, both of my parents traveled overseas for the American Dream.  Back in the 80’s they got married and then
they didn’t see each other for 4 years because my mom couldn’t get her Visa to
come to America.  Can you imagine
that?  Getting married and never having a
honeymoon?  So my dad traveled alone and worked here in
America until my mom FINALLY got her Visa!  A few years later my parents bought their
first car then their first house, then poof I came along and six years after
that I was a big sister.  I was this
little human being calling this woman mommy. 
She’s the strongest person I know (no offense dad).  She had to endure so much with growing up in
Poland during the Cold War, Poland taking forever to give her permission to
come here, then having to learn English and working in a factory with me in her
belly all the way up until she couldn’t work anymore.  My mom sacrificed everything and decided that
once I was born she was going to be a stay at home mom.  She had her own businesses (guess who I get
my crafty side from) and is now running a successful one for the past I believe
6/7 years.  Imagine that!
I am lucky that this amazing woman
has been taking care of me since I was just a little peanut in her belly.  My mom isn’t just the woman who gave birth to
me, she’s my comfort, my home, my best friend. 
Home is where your mom is.  She
still cooks for me and pretty much force feeds me even when I’m not
hungry.  On a side note, whenever you’re
over a Polish person’s house if their mom offers food DO NOT REFUSE it, just
eat it.  Anyway, my mom makes everything
homemade so um, it’s a no brainer, even when I’m not hungry I eat 90% of the
I know my mom is reading this right
now because I think she’s the only person who reads my blog 3+ times a day
haha.  Happy Birthday Mommy, I don’t know
what I would do without you.


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