Little Red Riding Hood


Poncho:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Boots:  Kensie (Lord & Taylor)
When I put on this outfit I immediately felt like Little Red
Riding Hood.  Then I started thinking
about how badly I want to see Into the Woods (I really hope I’m not the only
one who wants to see this).  I
started to think about the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  The Grimm’s brother’s version is actually quite
frightening.  If you think of the moral
of the story, I can’t agree with it 100%. 
It pretty much says not to stray from the path and listen to your mother
and of course don’t talk to strangers.  I’ve
listened to my mother growing up and I didn’t talk to strangers, but I have
strayed from the path.  Thanks to getting
off track it’s almost as if it helped me. 
I feel as though staying on the same path is staying in your comfort
zone.  Nothing can really get done if you’re
in your comfort zone.  You may feel as
though you belong and you’re comfortable but when you have to be outside of
that and you are put under pressure you really put yourself to the test.  With this being said I want to stray off the
path a little bit and think outside the box. 
Last year was so out of the box for me that I don’t know how I’m going
to go above and beyond this year.
As I said yesterday, I don’t have any resolutions because I
don’t want to stress myself.  Of course I
want to lose this winter/holiday weight but it’s not a resolution.  A resolution for me would be moreso thinking
outside the box, learning new things, being put in situations where I truly
have to test my limits, travel, and so much more.  Last year was filled with new things whether
it was going to California and rooming with two of my blogger friends for Lucky
FABB, or arranging all of the blogger meetups and actually meeting all of those
fabulous women who all have one thing in common; dreaming BIG.  Some of the girls I’ve met have such amazing
goals and dreams and some of those girls actually already surpassed that.  All of us have grown so much and have had so
many opportunities thrown our way.  That’s
what I want my resolutions to be.  I want
to dream big and make those dreams happen. 
I may wander a lot but as they say “not all who wander are lost.”

I guess what I’m trying to get at is I’d rather be Little
Red Riding Hood.  Since the tale came out
it has had so many different versions but one thing they all have in common is
she strayed from the path and wasn’t afraid. 
She may have been naïve, but she took a risk.  I feel that thanks to all of the risks I’ve
taken (some harder than others to overcome) have made me the successful person
I am today.  I am no longer afraid to go
with my gut, because if it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out.  I know I may be getting older and that I
should have more thought out plans by now but every once in a while it’s nice
to take that leap of faith.  I want to
continue with this mentality into 2015.
Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. I love this outfit! The red really speaks to my asian side @_@ Happy New Year, Mon! Cheers to bigger, better, and amazing things for you this year (with hopefully a Lucky Fabb, c'mooon Eva Chen! Pull through!)

    Lots of love,
    Dear Sunny

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