I’m getting to that age where I will be thinking about being
a homeowner soon.  I am currently saving
because I’d prefer to buy something rather than rent, it’s just my personal
preference.  I’ve rented an apartment
before but it didn’t feel like it was truly my home, and maybe one reason was
because I couldn’t say that I owned it. 
Anyway, lately I’ve been super obsessed with home décor and looking at
any type of interior designs and I find inspirations in everything.  Home décor is very similar to fashion because
it’s all about the accessories.  You can
have a simple black dress and put on the right accessories and you look
stellar!  Same goes for your home.  You can have a simple room but add the right
furniture and “accessories” and you’re golden! 
Now my DREAM home is one with a wraparound porch, rocking
chairs, couch swing, spot for my sweet tea, and the inside I haven’t decided
yet but I would prefer to have a ranch or cottage style house.  I don’t want anything extravagant, I’m more
of a simple person.  So when I stumbled
across Modani I decided to take a few key pieces I liked just to have some
ideas.  I chose a black couch from their sofas collection because I’m
a clutch and spill everything and it’s easier to clean with black, minus all
the dog hair but Lilly will not be allowed on the couch.  Now, I’m a huge cosmos nerd so I had to get
the telescope, even though it is only for home décor, it adds a nice little
touch of me to any room.
Let’s talk about that coffee table shall we?  It’s actually somewhat expensive but there’s
always one piece you’re allowed to splurge on! 
I don’t think it would really go with the black couch, BUT I would end
up getting it anyway and even putting it in a different room.  The rest of the pieces I really loved
especially the pillows (I mean hello, shiny AND pink!)  I decided to grab a few décor pieces because
I’ve seen that deer with antlers everywhere. 
I’ve seen it used as décor or even a jewelry holder, I think it’s so

These are just a few things I would purchase as a first time
homeowner (whenever that happens).  The
larger pieces I chose were pretty simple but the rest of the accessories were
what would really spice up the room.  Don’t
forget to head over to Modani to check out there selection!

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