Monarch Butterfly Nail Art


Butterflies are probably one of my favorite insects because
they go from this weird looking creepy crawler (I used to play with them when I
was little) and they turn into this beautiful butterfly.  It’s weird how they crawl up into a cocoon
and then bam out comes this beautiful winged insect.  The monarch butterfly is absolutely stunning
because of the colors and the contrast with the black.  Since I like them so much and have only seen
a handful in my life, I decided to put them on my nails!

Base Coat:  Sally Hansen Maximum Strength
Top Coat:  OPI
Colors:  Sally Hansen
Double Sided Nail Art Pens:  Amazon

design is a lot easier than it looks, it’s just time consuming which probably
turns most people off to it.  I had to start
off with an ombre nail.  If you need a
more thorough ombre tutorial you can find that in this nail tutorial.  It’s very simple, you just paint your nails
white, take a makeup sponge and put all the colors that you want on it and just
put it onto the white polish.  Don’t
worry about getting the nail polish on your fingers, you can always clean that
up later.  You’ll have to do about two
coats of this ombre for it to really pop and look bright. 

Now here is why I said don’t worry about getting the polish
all over your fingers.  Take this brush
(I’m not sure what the correct nail art term is) and dip it in acetone/nail
polish remover.  Then just brush around
your nail and try not to touch your actual nail because you can run into accidentally
removing the polish.  However, the great
part about this design is you have to add black to most of the outside of your
nail anyway so if you do accidentally remove it, you’ll most likely be able to
cover it.

Now once you’re done removing the excess polish off your
skin you can start by adding the contrasted black part of the design.  Make a slanted semi circle.  Almost like the ones you used to draw when
you added the sun in the corner of a drawing when you were little (at least
most of my friends and I did this).  

After you’ve added the black semi circle start drawing your
wings.  You can make them whatever sizes
you want, I decided to go from smallest to largest but I’ve also seen other
sizes with this design.

Fill in the in between with the black polish and you have
most of your nail finished.

Now just add white dots throughout the nail (pictured below).  Make some smaller than others so that they
don’t all look the same.  Once this is
dry just add your top coat and you are finished with your butterfly nail

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