Pink and Gingham


Sweater:  Ralph Lauren (Thanks Santa aka Mama Beige one here) // Skirt:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Boots:  Kensie (Lord and Taylor)
I’m not quite sure why but it might be because the words
look very similar but whenever I see the word gingham or even say it I
instantly think of Gangnam Style.  You’re
welcome for getting it stuck in your head haha. 
You know you want to get up and dance to the song that’s playing in your
head and look like a crazy person! 
Although, with the way the world is today, you never know it might turn
into a big thing and you’ll be dancing with a bunch of people in the middle of
the mall or something random.
Wow I am in rare form today.
This skirt already made an appearance on here before with my
not so ugly Christmas sweater.  Is it bad
that I still want to wear it even though it’s not Christmas anymore?  Would that be weird or do y’all think I could
get away with it?  Maybe I’ll wear it,
who knows.  I mean it’s not really
Christmasy because it has penguins on it, it’s more of a not so ugly winter sweater.  So those booties, yea, there’s a story.  I almost cried in the middle of Lord & Taylor.  I normally wear a size 9, they didn’t have it so I asked for a 9.5, 10 and they only had a 10 which were obviously too big but I wanted to see how big.  I walked up to the counter with the lovely shoe expert and I ordered the LAST 8.5 in the company (in this area I’m assuming) and they said it might not ship out depending on if it’s a glitch in the system or that only one store has it.  Well these babies arrived and even though they’re slightly too tight they’re so cute and beauty is pain.  It’s not like I’ve never been in pain because of shoes before, and these aren’t even too tight surprisingly, they just have to be broken in is all.
Oopa Gangnam Style. 
Peace out cub scouts!

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