Play it Again


Vest:  Old (Mom’s Closet) // Chambray/Denim Top:  Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (gifted) // Boots:  Liberty Black (Cavenders)
As most of you know I love country and anything
country.  I mean my blog name is Jersey
Girl, Texan Heart.  For those of you who
also listen to country you already know that the title of this post is a Luke
Bryan song.  I have a super funny and embarrassing
story about this song.
Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about going to see
The Wizard of Oz in theaters?  Well, on
the way back boyfriend put on this song (he’s not a fan of country) just for
me.  Since I’ve known him for so long I
feel comfortable enough around him to let out my inner Whitney Houston (insert
laughing until crying emoji here).  I am
in no way shape or form the next Whitney, nor do I sing like a normal person
when the music is blasting and we are driving on the highway.  It’s kind of when I let lose my inner
weirdo.  So needless to say I sang the
song like a typical jam sesh with your favorite hair brush in hand as a mic and
I must say, I’m definitely good entertainment for the night.
Hey, sometimes you just have to live a little and laugh at
yourself.  I’m sure if someone caught my
moment of singing on camera and let me watch it I would die of laughter.
Ok, so, on to the actual fashion side of today’s post!  Every Tuesday I link up with Walking InMemphis In High Heels and The Fashion Canvas for their Trend Spin Link Up.  They give a topic every week (more like a
style so last week’s post (here) was all about buffalo plaid and how to style
it and this week’s topic is leather and suede. 
You can’t really see it in the pictures but that vest is double
sided.  One side is fur and the other
side is a suede’esque fabric with fur trim. 
Then of course the boots are suede and leather.  I am in love with these boots, the only
problem is they make a lot of noise when you walk so trying to be incognito
is almost impossible with these boots. 
Oh and stay tuned because the brand that makes these boots (LibertyBlack) is making me their January Boot Girl! 
I found out a few weeks ago and my feature goes live either this week or
next week.  I will of course write all
about it once it’s posted!

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  1. These boots! SO SO cute! I want them in my closet today!! Thanks for joining the Celebrate Southern Linkup last week! I'm pinning this!

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