The Wizard of Oz Nail Art


For some of you who don’t know, The Wizard of Oz (the movie) turned 76 on January 1st!  In honor of this amazing movie (it’s my favorite movie OF ALL TIME) I decided to paint my nails and work on  my nail art skills.  Certain theaters actually have a special showing of the movie which I thought was pretty cool.  Anyway, I wanted to dos a bunch of things on my nails because I mean let’s be honest there are so many ideas!  I decided to try and make each nail a significant part of the movie so pictured above I have both hands.  On my left hand (first picture) I wanted to have Glinda the good witch, The Wicked Witch of the West, Emerald City with all of the poppies that make Dorothy sleepy, and two nails to symbolize Dorothy.  Now on my left hand I decided to go with the ruby red slippers on the other wicked witch, the yellow brick road, scarecrow, tin man, and the cowardly lion.  I used so many different colors and I finally got to use my awesome nail art tools and double sided pens.  
I started off with my Maximum Strength Sally Hansen base coat as per usual.  The polishes I used were all OPI, Sally Hansen , Sinful Colors, and my double sided nail art pens.  Below are a bunch of pictures of both of my nails for some more viewing pleasure.  Happy Birthday The Wizard of Oz!


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