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I wanted to do a short little recap of my lovely New Year’s
last week.  As some of you know (if you
follow me on Instagram @jerseygirltexanheart) I had a little bit of back woods
fun.  I had to work on NYE so
unfortunately I had to get ready extremely fast and I don’t have any pictures
of my NYE outfit but if you read my post here I wore that dress and if you read
my post here I wore my hair like that.  I
added in some jewelry and I was good to go!

When I arrived mostly everyone was there already so it was
an overwhelming experience of saying hi to a bazillion people (the house is
huge).  I immediately fell in love with
the house because it’s my dream house; wraparound porch with a bunch of rocking
chairs.  Anyway, this was the first year
I didn’t watch the ball drop because instead we had our own countdown and the
guys set off all the fireworks.  Now that
I keep talking about this, I really wish I took pictures, it’s not like this
was my first New Year’s out or anything (insert sarcastic face here).
Once we all had our midnight champagne and said Happy New
Year’s I feel like within an hour or two everyone slowly started going to their
rooms and that was that.  The next day
was when all the fun started.  So,
Thursday was filled with going on the quads and pretty much throwing my heels
into my bag and putting on my Justin’s
This goes to show that us fashion bloggers know how to get a little down
and dirty playing in the woods aka doing guy type things.  I even got to see a bunch of farm animals and an Alpaca!  I want an Alpaca so bad!  After all the fun it was time to go back home
and go back to reality and work the next morning.

The alpaca wasn’t a fan of me so it decided to walk away, but it was so cute and FLUFFY!

“Not all who wander are lost”

There’s a cliff behind me, you can’t really see it but I thought this lovely ponytail was a good laugh for y’all.  Hello, my new name is Pebbles.

All in all this New Year’s was the best in a long time, and
there’s more to the story but I don’t want to jinx anything just yet AND I want
to keep the suspense going.  Or, I mean
you can just go on my Instagram and read what I wrote with the Lily flower

Happy New Year everyone! 
I don’t really know the New Year etiquette so I don’t really know when
it’s inappropriate to continue saying it, anyone else have that issue?

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