Ya caught me


Hat:  Ralph Lauren (gifted) // Sweater:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Skirt:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Belt:  Gucci (Ewa Bazaar) // Boots:  Kensie (Lord & Taylor)

I just love my not so ready for the picture face in the first one.  I’m sorry I had to add in a blooper to today’s OOTD post!  So I’ve become quite the shopper in the guys section.  The sweater in this picture is actually a men’s
sweater.  Certain things just look like
they can be unisex.  I decided to take
this sweater and pair it with a skirt that seems like your typical holiday
skirt but I think you can still make it work now that the holiday season is
long gone.  It’s crazy to think that it
takes so much time for all of those Christmas decorations and they are taken
down so quickly.  My mom loves (I mean
LOVES) the holiday season so for her it’s always sad to take down the tree and
At least we have other holidays to look forward to, like Easter
in April or Memorial Day which is the start of summer!  Only 114 days until Memorial Day
Weekend!  That’s if I counted
correctly.  These 114 days need to hurry
up and be over, I’m so ready for summer and warm weather!  I’m also ready for NO STATIC CLING! 

Anyway, I’m getting really off topic.  I am loving this skirt regardless if it’s the
typical holiday skirt or not.  I’m still
going to wear it!

8 thoughts on “Ya caught me”

  1. Wait, that's a mens sweater?! Had you not said anything I totally would have been like "wow, she has a good eye, why can't I find things like that?!" I love how you paired it with the belt and the layered skirt, so fantastic. Great outfit for winter. And really? ONLY 114? Can't it be 14?! I'm freezing!

    Understated Classics

  2. I am ready for warmer weather myself! Every time I see you in a hat it makes me want to put a hat on right away because you always look so darn cute! Thank you for sharing this adorable luck with celebrate southern last week. I will definitely be pinning this to the celebrate southern Pinterest board. XOXO

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