10 Hairstyles for Short Hair

So I wrote about my first hair tutorial (here) over the
summer which was hairstyles for hair that is a few days unwashed.  I decided to make another hair tutorial (well kind of).  I originally cut a few inches off my hair
back in September.  I needed a change and
I decided a little snip would be fun.  I
recently went a little shorter and got layers.   At first I wasn’t a fan just because I had no
idea how I was going to style it and how was I going to feel confident enough
to have my hair short.  Now, it’s only
maybe an inch shorter, but that inch certainly made a difference.  I know some girls who are on the same boat as
me and I started browsing through Pinterest to get some ideas but couldn’t
really find anything that would work for my specific haircut.  I decided to play around with a few
hairstyles and I came up with a few that work and since I don’t know the actual
name of them so I tried to be a little creative.  Here are my 10 hairstyles for short hair.

Audrey Hepburn Half Poof
Since my hair is shorter in the front, unlike the bob I used
to have I started pinning it back to give it an illusion that it’s a little
longer.  I call this the Audrey Hepburn
half poof because the style kind of reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s only
slightly different.  All you do is tease
your hair (all of the hair you are pinning back) and pin it in the back with
two or three bobby pins depending on how thin/thick your hair is.

Bangs Poof
Creative name right? 
Well, this is pretty self explanatory. 
It’s when you take your bangs, tease them, and pin them back.  This is perfect for if you didn’t wash your
hair and only the bangs look greasy which is my issue.

French Braids
Start playing around with braids and either pinning them
back to create a hippie vibe or just attempting to do a full French braid.

Fishtail Braids
This is pretty much the same as the above, only slightly
different because it’s a fishtail braid. 
I know a lot of people who have trouble figuring out how to make a
fishtail but honestly it’s a lot easier than you think.  Take your hair and separate it into two
sections.  Take small strands from the
outside of one section and cross it into the opposite section.  Make sure you hold on tight to your hair so
you don’t lose it and just keep crossing pieces from the outside of the
sections until you have finished your braid. 
Then pin it back like the above picture.

This gets a little tricky with short hair.  I would probably say this is moreso wavy than
anything else.  I use either a
straightener or curling wand.  It’s
whichever one is closest to me or whichever one is in my bathroom since my mom
and I share.  To get more of a beach wave
I use the straightener and to get more of an actual curl I’ll use the wand.

Straight and Sleek
Just use a straightener and make sure to add some serum to
the tips to give it that sleek look.

Rock Glam
Pretty much just tease your whole head to give it a messy
bed head style with volume.

If you want to add a little bit of mystery and high fashion just snip your bangs.  It’s definitely not for everyone but if you have a forehead like me then you can pull it off and look edgy.  Just be careful with bangs because you don’t want to look like a 5 year old either.  make sure you really commit to bangs prior to cutting them because it is different and sometimes can be obnoxiously annoying to take care of.

Hair Accessories
I do not care if I’m in my late 20’s and I still wear hair accessories.  If I want to wear a flower in my hair I am going to do it regardless.  I’ve been adding lots of little clips whether it be flowers or rhinestones and headbands.  anything that can add a little somethin’ to the overall look is always fun.

Lastly, Extensions-importance of blending
If you’re like me and one day hope to have mermaid hair but you know it won’t happen because your hair doesn’t grow then extensions are perfect.  Or if you are just looking to add a little volume to your hair these work.  Having extensions with short hair can be extremely tricky, why do you ask?  Most extensions don’t come layered they usually come all one length and if your hair is short this can be a problem.  The way I wear extensions is I try and make them wavy because this is easier for me to blend in my hair (curls hide everything) and I’ll clip my hair back with a hair piece so it distracts from seeing how short my actual hair is.

Here’s my YouTube video of all of these looks!  Don’t forget to check out my channel (here) too!

I hope these looks spark some kind of inspiration and if you have short hair, don’t worry there are so many things that you can do with your hair.  You might not be able to do some crazy difficult updo but at least you can still have fun with it!

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