4 Beauty Products to Swoon Over

4 beauty products to swoon over

4 beauty products to swoon over by mejmoda

CG Smoothers
Remember how a year ago I was introduced to CC Cream and when I made my first YouTube tutorial (here) I talked about how I swear by it?  Well, I still do, but I found this really awesome product!  Since I ran out of my Mary Kay CC Cream I decided that instead of finding a rep (since I’m no longer one) I would just go to Target and search.  So first I tried Almay but for some reason it kind of burns when I dab it under my eyes as a quick concealer.  Also, no matter how much powder foundation I would put on top of that my black eyeliner would ALWAYS smear making me look like a raccoon or that I didn’t sleep for weeks.  So I had two options either stop wearing black eyeliner which is ok if I’m not doing my eye makeup or change creams.  I decided to take the plunge and try another cream.  I found Covergirl’s Smoothers and I’m extremely impressed.  First of all it’s Covergirl so hello inexpensive makeup!  Secondly, it’s a moisturizer and actually works better than my CC Cream.  Now I know that CC stands for complexion correction and the smoothers don’t say anything except for they’re a moisturizer (no this is NOT a BB cream either).  I love how it glides on and stays on all day.  Not like other makeup that comes off by lunch time.  The only downfall is that it comes in a really small tube but I’ve fallen in love with the product itself.
Rimmel Black Pencil Eyeliner
I’m all about black eye liner.  I probably overuse it.  I love black under the eye and of course my liquid liner that I’ve been using forevaaaaa.  I tend to use pencils or liquid liner with the horse hair like brush.  When it comes to finding something I love I usually stick by it BUT lately I’ve gone on a “step out of my makeup comfort zone and put your big girl panties on” type of attitude.  I decided to test out Rimmel’s Black Eyeliner pencil and can I say it’s amazing!  It’s so smooth and glides on my lower eye and on top of that it’s extremely dark.  So it’s great for a smokey eye or if I want to go a little more extreme for a night out.  I’m an eyes girl, so I care more about what my eyes look like than anything else.  This is by far my favorite eye pencil to date.  If you aren’t into dark eyeliner I wouldn’t recommend using this because it’s really intense.
Maybelline Nudes Palette
I just about almost cried when I walked into CVS with a beauty emergency and my Maybelline eye shadow palette was gone.  I knew they would eventually discontinue it I mean the SAME palette has been in my cosmetics bag for over 7 years.  I had to test out a new palette.  I decided instead of getting a smaller one I would get a bigger one that was only a little more expensive but in the end I would save since it had so many more colors.  Even though the white isn’t the same as my old one that I use for highlighting I must say I’m impressed.  I’ve been using a few of these colors and I found the PERFECT smokey eye color.  It’s a mix of brown, black, and almost like an olive.  I know that sounds really weird but it’s my new favorite.
Loreal Total Repair
As most of you know, I’ve gone blonde.  Since I had henna in my hair instead they’ve had to use stronger colors and bleach in order to attempt to get it out of my hair.  Needless to say it didn’t work, but at least we got a natural ombre to surface!  Thanks to all of this my hair is now damaged.  I even cut a lot of it off to try and save the rest of my hair.  I’ve been trying to find different ways and products to keep my hair from looking like a Barbie who’s had her hair played with too many times.  I have this one conditioner that works wonders.  Since my hair is extremely delicate now I have to be careful when brushing it, at least until it strengthens.  This conditioner helps me brush my hair without having to attack it and detangle that rat’s nest.  

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