5 for Friday

Valentine’s Day Special
Next week (all week) I have a Valentine’s Day themed special
with manicures, clothes, and it’ll just all be about Valentine’s Day.  First and foremost let’s get one thing
straight, I’m not a big Vday person.  No,
I’m not bitter or anything like that I just think it’s a way for retailers to
make up for all the money they lost after the holiday return season.  I have Valentine’s Day every day with the
boyfriend whether it be just a simple “good morning beautiful” text, or we go
out to the movies, oh and let’s not forget all the times I didn’t feel well he
brought me candy and flowers.  Just being
in his presence is a treat for me because since we both work a lot we really
only see each other on the weekends unless we somehow make it work during the
week.  Regardless, I decided I would
still hop on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon and make my blog all about that one
day next week since there are some people who truly do love that holiday.  So stay tuned!
It snowed, again. 
This time it was actually worse than that phony snowpacolypse we were
supposed to get last week.  I actually
had to get driven to work because the roads were that bad and my job had a
delayed opening AND an early dismissal. 
Go figure, I went to work for half a day.  Mother Nature, can you not?
42 days until spring and 55 days until Fast 7
Well, guess what, I started two countdowns this week.  Only 42 days until spring.  Hopefully we can speed it up just a tad and
it won’t snow once it’s officially spring! 
Here in Jersey it doesn’t really get warm until the end of May.  I seriously cannot wait!  The best countdown is the one for the movie
Fast 7.  I keep seeing all of these girls
posting about how Magic Mike is coming out, meanwhile I’m making a countdown
for a car movie.  I may look like a typical
girl, but sometimes my inner tomboy comes out.  
“Dude, I almost had you” RIP Brian O’Conner aka Paul Walker
Gettin’ my hurrrr did
If we don’t have snow like they are predicting (at least
last time I checked) mom and I are going to get our hair done.  I think I’m going to stick with the same
color but I’m not really sure.  I just
love going because it’s “me time” with my mom and you know, regardless of if
you have the money to spend on it or not, sometimes you really need that few
hours to yourself to pamper yourself.  I
think this will be my last attempt at the blonde but I’m still not sure, I
guess we will see how I feel in the coming months.  It’s weird, most people go dark in the winter
and light in the warmer months and I think I will be doing the opposite.  Who knows if I’ll go back to red or my
natural brown hair color.  I guess we
will just have to wait and see.
Friday Funnies

When my boyfriend thought he could race me and win…
He ALMOST had me
When someone at work is trying to talk to me after lunch.  I’m still in a food coma, don’t talk to me.
This is a no brainer (haha no pun intended!), The Walking Dead comes back on Sunday and I’M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT.  I’M ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND I THINK I LIKE IT!
Yes, that was totally necessary.
Sometimes I really want to walk up to someone and do this.  I wonder what their reaction would be haha.
Me, every time I’m in my car.  I will purposely blast music and dance like a fool in traffic.  People always look so miserable, at least I can make them laugh for a few seconds haha.
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  1. HAHA the blank stare gif was my favorite! Totally pull that face all the time. And agree – I'm not a huge Vday girl either… but it's fun to see pink everywhere!! Thanks for linking up with us at H54F this week!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. haha I love your Jessie Spano on Walking Dead coming back!! Im super stoked for that too – it feels like its been forever!!! And my husband is totally counting down for the next Fast movie too. Happy Friday lady

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