5 for Friday

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Well everyone, I started listing on Ebay!  If you love any of the things I wear here, I’ve put some of them up for buy now or best offer.  I hope you like them as much as I do!  They haven’t gotten much use from me so I hope they can find a good home.  I’ve linked them to the listing underneath the pictures so feel free to check them out!

Valentine’s Day

Ok, now I know last week I said I wasn’t a Valentine’s Day fan, but since being with boyfriend he’s really showed me what romance is like and that the romance you see in movies can happen in real life.  He knows I’m not a V-Day person but he wanted me to have that special day like most people out there in the world.  I had the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day from my dad giving me my scarf and peeps and the card that matched the one I gave him.  Then I was taken to eat fondue (my first time ever) and I got all of my presents on top of a dozen long stem roses for me and a dozen long stem roses for my mom.  Yes, you read that right he even brought my mom something.  If that doesn’t say keeper I don’t know what does.

Zara Scarf

I bought my first thing from Zara, and it’s this awesome faux fur scarf.  My blogger bestie sells on ebay (that’s where I got my idea from) and within a half hour of her listing it I totally snagged that up!

Mint Julep Giveaway

If you saw my post here, it’s from earlier today so all the details are in that post.  Now, I’m super excited about this poncho it’s seriously the greatest.  I’ve been living in it lately.  Well I have been asked to not only do the review but also host a giveaway which is in that post and also at the bottom of this one so make sure to enter!  It’s for $25 to spend at Mint Julep.
So many reviews!

I have so many reviews that I have to do it’s crazy.  Stay tuned the next few weeks because I cannot wait to introduce these brands to all of you!

Now I know I already wrote about 5 things but I can’t leave you without at least a few Friday Funnies!

aaaand this is how I’m feeling right now.  I can’t stand the NJ weather anymore, I just need out and into a new state!
My face when it’s 5:30pm today!
Once Thursday begins at work haha
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  1. I wasn't a Valentine's Day fan either and after a bunch of traumatic horrible relationships, I wasn't into any of the lovey dovey stuff. Now that I have my boyfriend in my life, I'm so into all of that stuff. I had never had a Valentine before and he made it such a great day this year. We have only been officially together for a month and a half but already things have just been amazing. Your guy definitely sounds like a keeper! It's actually ironic talking about romance and stuff b/c his fortune from the Chinese buffet we ate at last night said, "Romance awaits you."


  2. I'm glad you had a great V-Day! Yes, your boyfriend is a keeper if he gave you mom roses too! The videos are so funny. I especially love the work one. BTW, I clicked on your jacket EBAY link and it wasn't working for me.

  3. HA! Jack Sparrow running – I hate that awkward moment when you don't think that car will let you go, but then they do, but you've felt bad you've waited this long, and you do the polite "oh no, but you go instead!" wave… or am I the only one that does that?? And sounds like you had such a great Valentine's Day! (Roses for your mom is a smooth move!) Thanks for linking up with us again at H54F!! Have a great weekend.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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