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1.  For today’s 5 for Friday I want to start off with a story
that hopefully can be shared.  You can
read the original article here.  Before I
actually summarize the article I want you to imagine yourself here in America
with absolutely no family because your significant other passed a few years
after coming here, working, and barely speaking English.  Now, I want you to imagine this same scenario
only waking up in a hospital with no recollection of how you got there,
paralyzed from the neck down with a feeding tube that will be your food supply
for the rest of your life (you’re 59 by the way).  That is what happened to Jan Kwiatkowski.  He is a Polish immigrant who came to America
and three years after coming his wife had passed away.  Instead of going back to Poland he decided to
stay and continue working.  Back in
September he woke up in a hospital paralyzed from the neck down.  Doctors say that his injuries are similar to
that of getting hit by a car but that Jan cannot remember what happened.  Can you imagine how horrible this must
be?  He needs a translator to be the only
source of communication between him and the doctor’s.  The person that they interviewed for the
article is actually a medical resident. 
He started a fundraiser for Jan (CLICK HERE). 
He wants to bring Jan back home to Poland to be with his family, because
his life is going to be difficult and he has no one. 
All together they need to raise $300,000, $100,000 of that is to bring
him to Poland and the other $200,000 is to make sure he has the proper care so
that he can continue to live.  Now I’m
telling you all of this because you can donate to help him get home.  I know what it’s like to have your family in
another country.  Thankfully I have my
parents and brother here but I cannot imagine what I would do if they were back
in Poland, for those of you who don’t know I’m a Polish American.  Even if you donate $1 it helps.  Let’s help Jan get home!  I’m also telling you this from the goodness of my heart not because I know this person or because I was asked to.  I read the article and bursted into tears and I can only pray that they will raise enough to at least bring him back home.

2.  Not to start off my post on a sad note but now it’s all
happy thoughts.  Last weekend I was
called a mini celebrity.  Yup, you read
that right.  I went to a fundraiser with
boyfriend and his family and as soon as they said I was a blogger the girl
responded with “oh wow, I’ve never met a blogger before, you’re like a mini
celebrity.”  I thought it was the coolest
thing.  It’s the little things in life
that make me happy.
3.  The other day my car told me it was -11 degrees
outside.  Oh, it was brutally cold.  Now I now to some states that’s not cold but
since I follow a lot of southern bloggers they are saying 50 degrees is cold,
ugh, what I would do for 50’s and 60’s!
4.  I’ve recently started watching Dr. Who with boyfriend.  I honestly really like this show.  Of course not as much as my Walking Dead (I’m
not trusting the people from Sunday’s episode, I don’t know they were too calm
for my taste) but it’s still a great show. 
I know I’m kind of late to the party with this but hey better late than

5.  Friday Funnies has been put on hold until next week because I feel like today I need to put some uplifting quotes up.  We will go back to your normal programming next week hehe.

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  1. Where are these states that are 50s/60s?? I'm from MN so I understand what "real" cold is but I've lived in Southeast Texas for 3 years now & it's flippin cold here. It's currently 32 & the sun doesn't even look like it exists outside.

  2. What a story! I couldn't imagine being in those same shoes – I would be absolutely terrified!! I think the quotes you rounded up were the perfecting end. Hope you have a great weekend!! Thanks for linking up again!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. LOVE dr. Who! I wasn't sure about it when I watched the first episode, but ever since I have been hooked. My hubby doesn't get it but he always comes in at the worst times. Thanks for linking up again!


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