All Pink Everything


Boots:  Justin’s (Cavenders) // Vest:  Mom’s Closet, old // Scarf:  Gifted, old // Top:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar similar)
As much as I’m really starting to dislike the snow, I must say, it does make for good photo ops.  It looks so pretty in pictures, although it’s super duper cold!  Today’s Trend Spin is all about the color pink.  Now, I LOVE PINK.  Ok, let me rephrase that, I’M OBSESSED WITH PINK.  Anything pink I see while shopping usually ends up being mine.  Like these sunglasses for instance.  Over the summer when I went back to the motherland (aka Poland) it was one of my last days there and I went to the mall with my uncle.  These sunglasses were SCREAMING my name.  They’re not Raybans or anything fancy, just regular sunglasses you can find at the store.  I really had to have them.  I’ve been wearing them ever since.  
The scarf I’ve had FOREVER.  My mom got it for me a few years ago and it is not only pink and stylish but absolutely warm.  It gets me through those colder winter days like this one.  Taking these pictures was pretty brutal, I think it was a high of 15 degrees or something, maybe a little more or less but when I was driving home later that night it was 6 degrees!  I know that’s not cold compared to some places in the country, but I follow a lot of southern bloggers and seeing them write about it being in the 70’s makes me really sad.
The boots.  Let me tell you about these boots.  I love them, I got them as my first collaboration with Cavender’s and even though I don’t wear them too often I love them.  They’re pink, camo, and Justin’s.  I was eyeing them down for a little bit and then Cavender’s contacted me about the collab, and it’s all history from that point on.  I’m still working on breaking these in since I don’t wear them too often, but they’ve already traveled through a few states with me, gone apple picking, got stuck in a corn maze, gone quading, and now played in the snow.  I hope everyone is keeping warm and for those of you who have amazing weather right now I’m so jealous!

12 thoughts on “All Pink Everything”

  1. I agree on starting to not be a fan of the snow. It came, I am over it. Where is spring? I love those glasses though. Been wanting a similar pair for ages now.


  2. Love love love the pink all over the place! Those boots are SO FUN! I'm pinning this! Thanks for joining the Celebrate Southern Linkup with J and me! Cheers!

  3. I don't know how you ladies do it! Taking pictures in the freezing cold! I live in Arizona, I'll stick with the 80 degree picture takin' days instead 😉 You look fabulous!


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