Are you wearing a blanket?


Poncho:  Ralph Lauren (gifted) // Boots:  Liberty Black (Cavenders)
As most people already know I’m kind of obsessed with
ponchos (HA ain’t that an understatement). 
They are perfect because it’s like wearing a blanket, which brings me to
the title of this post.  Funny story
actually, when I wore this outfit I had someone ask me if I was wearing a
blanket.  I really wanted to respond with
“why yes, I am” but I’m pretty sure they would’ve thought I was a complete and
total weirdo (which I would not have cared either way).  I just really can’t help that I like the
style and comfort of ponchos.  They are
such a simple way to spice up any outfit without having to sacrifice
comfort.  I honestly dislike jackets in
the winter, I dislike how bulky they are, how I can’t move in them, and that sometimes you can’t wear everything you’d like with
them at the risk of it either popping out at the bottom or just making you feel
like the Michelin tire man.  Therefore, I
love wearing a poncho with a long sleeve shirt because it’s comfortable,
trendy, and it keeps me warm regardless. 
Most of my ponchos are either wool or alpaca with the
exception of two.  This one in
particular I got for Christmas and I have been loving every second I wear
it.  It’s the perfect size for work so I
can actually get away with wearing it on top of not being cold in the
office!  That doesn’t really say much
because I’m actually always cold at the office. 
I have a blanket scarf that I actually use as a blanket.  Is that bad?

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