Be My Valentine Nail Art Tutorial


Today wraps up my Valentine’s Day #ManiMonday.  I’ve done two designs, you can see last week’s
nails here.  For this one I wanted to use
pink.  Not only do I love pink, but pink
can also be a Valentine’s Day color, not just red.  I decided to go with a more simple
design.  On my thumb I have two love
swans, my pointer and middle I have the chalky sweet hearts with messages like
Be Mine, XO, and QT, along with an envelope sealed with a little heart, and
last but not least we all need some balloons in lives at one point so I went
with some heart shaped balloons.  I was
extremely sad though because my left hand had lost a nail, my one nail (the
longest one) broke right in half.  So
painful and it was right after I got done saying that I’m lucky my natural nails
grow so long, hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself again!  Anywhoo, let’s get onto the actual tutorial
for these nails.
These are all of the colors I used, you’ve most likely seen
them here before because I tend to stick to what I know especially if I love

First you paint your nails with a base coat, I always use
Sally Hansen maximum strength.  Once that
dries (it’s usually dry within minutes) start with your base colors.  I did two white and three pink.  

Moving on to the envelope and balloon nail.  The envelope nail is quite easy, you just
make one triangle and then two lines topped off with a pink heart.  Yes, that’s it!  For the pinky you want to start off with two
hearts and a little balloon knot attached to them.

Next we have the pointer and middle finger with the sweet
heart messages.  All you do is pick some
pastel (or close to pastel) colors and just draw little hearts, but big enough
to fit a message, as you can see in the first picture I couldn’t fit the “be
mine” message so it got a little messed up, womp!  The swans were the first design I
finished.  This one I didn’t really take
pictures of for this tutorial but they are somewhat easy, you just have to
follow what they look like in the picture.

Next just add the messages in your sweetheart candies, and
the black ribbon to the balloons.  Once
they are completely dry add your top coat, I use OPI and swear by it!

Now you have the perfect be mine Valentine’s Day nails!

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