Born Pretty Mani Monday


Today we have a very simple design for Mani Monday.  I received these 3D motifs from Born
Pretty.  I’ve worked with them in the
past (here and here) and I must say I love working with them, and I love their
store.  The only thing I will say is
since it’s coming from overseas it does take a little longer so if you need
something within a few days you will need to go elsewhere.  This is moreso for if you are actually
shopping and don’t need everything right away. 
Anyway, for today’s Mani Monday I’m going to introduce two
looks with the 3D motifs that Born Pretty sent to me.  The Eiffel Tower, and the Pearls.  They look so elegant on your nails, I absolutely
love them!
First you start off with your base coat and your polish
color.  I chose to go for more of neutral
tones so it could look more elegant and the motifs could shine.  

I applied these with OPI topcoat, however for the EiffelTower you really need nail glue.  I ran
out unfortunately so I was stuck using what I had.  However, if you prefer to not use nail glue
just apply the rest of the pearls onto your ring finger.
I really am loving my new motifs, they are so much fun!
**Please note, I was given these 3D motifs as a review from Born Pretty Store, however all opinions are my own.

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6 thoughts on “Born Pretty Mani Monday”

  1. Very elegant and chic! I'm all for a good mani and I love that you incorporated multiple colors on your nails. So does the bling get stuck on things? Because I can just imagine running my fingers through my hair and getting caught. Wouldn't that be a good look?

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