Grown Up School Girl


Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren (Similar: Ewa Bazaar) // Skirt:  Burberry (Old) // Booties:  Kensie (Lord & Taylor) // Tights:  Kushyfoot (from a recent product review)
When I put on this outfit I instantly felt like a girl who
belonged in a private school.  The
pleated plaid skirt with a simple black top and cardigan plus black boots.  I’m sure the black boots wouldn’t have been
allowed in private school because I’m sure only Mary Janes are allowed but I
would totally try to sneak these in.  My
brother went to a private school whereas I refused.  I’m not too sure as to why I did since I had
such a rough time in public high school, but I guess I was just comfortable and
afraid of starting somewhere new at the cost of it possibly being worse.  Also, I would have the worst time having to
wear a uniform EVERY DAY.  As a lover of
fashion that would have been terrible for me. 
I know some girls say that it’s actually a good thing they
have to wear a uniform because they don’t have to waste time picking out an
outfit or getting made fun of because everyone’s wearing the same thing, but I
can’t do monotonous.  Plus, I love shoes
too much and I cannot wear plain Mary Janes every day.  I know my brother always complained of sweating because have you ever
seen what those uniforms are made of? 
Polyester and Nylon for days!  I’m
a cotton kind of girl and almost all of my clothes are cotton, I always double
check what my clothing is made out of. 
Very few items are anything but cotton and those are the trendy pieces
that I don’t wear every day.  Yes, I’m a
textile snob!  Guilty as charged.

This is an outfit that I would most likely wear for Valentine’s Day to the office.  It’s professional, subtle, and has little hints of red so it’s in the Valentine’s spirit.  I can’t believe it’s only two days away!  This is the first one that I actually am sort of excited about.  I’ve been a little bit of a grouch lately when it comes to V-day, plus even in a relationship I don’t agree with this holiday 100% BUT I am extremely excited to give boyfriend his gifts.  Yes, that’s plural.  I kind of went a little crazy and got a bunch of stuff, enough to fit into a decent size cardboard box.  Nothing really intensely priced, but it’s stuff that reminded me of him and of course I’m not telling what I got him because he browses my blog sometimes and I don’t want him to know but hints are it has to do with a lot of his favorite things, or things that actually mean something to us.  I mean we have been friends for 8.5 years so we have some history prior to being in a relationship haha.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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  1. Cute outfit and post. I really love your booties! Your story reminds me of my childhood a bit. My brother went to private school too, but like you, I refused. I also couldn't bear the thought of wearing a uniform and going to school with only girls.

  2. Such a cute outfit! Love the skirt (such a classic and timeless piece) and the boots, loving the gold detail on them! 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day! Lots of love from Sweden, x S.

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