Happy Birthday Max


Today is my baby brother’s birthday.  Well, he’s not really a baby he’s 22 today
but I will always consider him my baby brother. 
Even if he’s not that little anymore (he’s got a few inches on me) he’s
still BABY brother.  We have the typical
sibling relationship, we love each other but we mess with each other all the
time.  We get on each other’s nerves but
at the end of the day we are brother and sister.  I’m so proud of him because in just a few
short months that little annoying rugrat will be a college graduate!  He is currently studying at Boston University
and I cannot wait for that day.  This
is the same person who took a semester off to move to Seattle and experience
life.  What I think is amazing is he took
a semester off and is still graduating on time, I’m not going to lie, he’s kind
of a genius.  I’m not even saying that
because he’s my brother, but he really is one of the smartest and well educated
people I know.  I mean, he could school
me in so many debates.  I don’t even try
to debate anything with him anymore because I know that even if I am right, he’ll
find a way to prove me wrong.

He’d make a really good lawyer actually, I think that’s his
true calling.
Regardless I am so proud to call him my brother.  I remember when he was in my mom’s belly (how
that fat infant came out of my mom I have no idea, he was about 4 lbs heavier
than me) and then when he was born, I was so filled with joy.  My life completely changed when he was
born.  I was a big sister, and no matter
what I HAD to protect that little peanut like a big sister should.  I will still protect him no matter what.  What can I say, I’m big sister.

Happy Birthday Max, I wish you all the best today.  I wish you love, happiness, success, and
above all good health.  I am so so so so
so proud of you baby brother. 
Wszystkiego Najlepszego z okazji urodizin braciszku.

The faces only a mother can love hehe.