Wide Sleeves


Sweater:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Long Sleeve Shirt:  Ralph Lauren (similar Ewa Bazaar) // Pants:  Ralph Lauren (similar Ewa Bazaar) // Boots:  Dolce Vita (Lord & Taylor)
If you look at the one picture I felt like Maleficent.  I was holding the railing like she holds her I
think it’s called a scepter.  Right when
I saw that picture I instantly said (in my head) “and on her 16th
birthday she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.”  Yes, I’m slightly strange and yes Sleeping
Beauty may or may not be my favorite princess. 
Speaking of princesses, have any of you seen the new Cinderella
trailer?  She was my least favorite
princess I only really liked Gus Gus (I mean how adorable is Gus Gus) but
Cinderella is a classic so I must see it. 
It actually looks really good, and hey who knows I might actually like
Cinderella now.  I think it’s because so
many girls always liked Cinderella that I chose not to be like everyone
else.  Of course the story is a typical
fairytale and there have been so many references to stories like this that are
similar and have actually been referenced as “a Cinderella story” but I tend to
like the weird princesses.  Snow White
and Sleeping Beauty are my favorites. 
Anyway, I’m excited because if all goes well I might be seeing
Cinderella with some of my blogger friends in the city.  It would be really awesome!
Now onto the outfit.
This is an extremely casual outfit that I love because of
the sweater.  I feel like that sweater
makes the whole outfit.  It is oversized
and the sleeves are wide which makes for perfect comfort.  I was having such a good hair day when this
was taken.  Ignore the roots I have since
gotten that issue taken care of.  My
blogger bestie has been laughing when I hashtag #thoserootsthough lol.  Seriously though, they were getting bad.  I just got my hair done so hopefully this
time around my hair will stick it out for 2 months again!


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