Wispy Contrast


Believe it or not I did this design in a garage.  Yup, you read that right!  Boyfriend was working in the garage and I
decided to take advantage to be able to spend some extra time with him since we
work so much and hang out while technically working as well.  Plus, I figured my household could take a
break from the fumes that come from nail polish and nail polish remover.  It actually helped because since the garage
was a little colder the polish hardened a lot faster meaning I didn’t have to
act like a princess who couldn’t ruin her nails for that long.  So for those of you who do your nails just
stick them outside in the cold for a good 15 minutes haha, that polish will dry
right up!

Of course start with your base coat and base colors.  You don’t have to pick these colors I just
chose them because A. I love pink B. I love black C. I love this metallic that’s
almost like a chrome.  Chose whatever
colors you like as long as they can be contrasted with something like the white
pictured in the first picture.

Now, I took a very fine tip nail art brush that I got a few
weeks ago (Christmas present to myself). 
It’s almost as thin as a needle, well a thicker needle.  This will create the wispy effect.  You want to be careful when you apply.  Apply a little on the sides because if you
apply a big “blob” you will be stuck trying to move it all around the nail and
that’s just not fun.  Remember, you can
always add more to this wispy effect later.  Pictured below: Add some sparkles to the pinky to give it a little pop of fun.  I honestly hate using glitter polish because
it’s so tough to get off but it really does look pretty.  Then for your thumb make a straight line
using a pink chrome, but you can use whatever color you prefer.

Once the white dries (you don’t want it to smear) use the
glitter polish and just lightly add it on top of the white.  Either add it on all the white or make it
mismatched.  Add a top coat (I use OPI)
to your thumb and add the rhinestones on that line as quickly as you can so the
polish doesn’t dry.  Once every nail
dries add a top coat to all nails.  When
I use rhinestones I always use a few extra coats of top coat to make sure they
stay in place.  Now your nails are done!


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