2 Designs for St Patrick’s Day Mani Monday


Today I have not one, but two St Patrick’s Day Mani’s!  I feel like lately I’ve been so busy and the blog has been quite out of control itself that I can’t spread out my posts enough.  So, I apologize for the overload but today you are getting two tutorials!  Ignore my pointer finger in these pictures as well, unfortunately my nail broke right in half on my left hand (I’m a righty most of my nail art comes out way better on my left hand).

First start off with your base coat, I use Sally Hansen Maximum Strength.  Then add your base colors.

I used nail art double sided pens for these designs.  The rainbow was actually the hardest, believe it or not.  

Next step is to add on all of the rhinestones because, well, how can you have a pot of gold with no gold?!

Ta Da!  Add the top coat, I use OPI and you are finished with this lovely tutorial!

Start off with your base coat just like in the first tutorial.  Add your base colors.  For my pointer I added some lovely things I got from Born Pretty a few weeks ago, check out that post here.

Next take some striping tape that I bought for myself as a Christmas present.

Once the striping tape is in place paint over the white with an orange.  Everything else was free handed or done with a double sided nail art pen.


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