2 Easter Mani’s


For today I have two Easter mani’s for you.  They are both kind of similar.  Actually I have a really funny story about the first manicure.  Since the lighting in my house was horrible due to the weather (it was cloudy in the morning) that I actually had to take my camera to work and take pictures at work.  No worries though, I made sure no one was around and I had this story planned out that if anyone heard the camera I would just say it’s my new text messaging ringer.  Oh and if you’re wondering what the background is, it’s actually my binder.  Pretty creative huh? HAHA!
First you want to start off with your base coat and base colors.  Except for your ring finger which is going to have some negative space.

Once your middle finger dries put on some stripping tape.

When you put the tape on paint over with the same color you use for the thumb and you get a nice purplish pink color.  Add sparkles to the line.  Add some more details seen above with nail art pens.
Add some more finishing touches and your top coat.  VOILA!

First add your base coats and base colors.

The chick and bunny are done with double sided nail art pens.

Add all of your finishing touches like the rest of the dots and lines and your lovely rhinestones!


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