2 St. Patrick’s Day Mani’s


Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  That went by fast!  I feel like just yesterday it was Valentine’s Day and here we are, about to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  So I decided to of course do some themed mani’s for this joyous occasion since most people I know enjoy St. Patrick’s Day as opposed to Valentine’s Day.  

First you’ll have to grab your base colors.  I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of the polishes but I used Sally Hansen and then my new nail art double sided pens.  There’s a needle like tip on one end for nail art and the actual polish brush on the inside.  I would give a link to where I got them on Amazon but unfortunately I didn’t have the best experience so I don’t want anyone else having a bad one either.

This is where you are going to start with the art portion of the tutorial.  For the pointer you’ll need to draw lines and a horizontal block of white.  The middle finger will need some gold, the ring finger just leave alone (there will be rhinestones), the pinky make a four leaf clover, and the thumb will be a pot of gold!

Add some details to the pot of gold and the four leaf clover for the middle nail.

Add all of the rhinestones and any extra details to the rest of your nail art.  Finally to finish off this design add your OPI top coat.  

And here’s one more but unfortunately no tutorial since I had to do it extremely quick.  I used a lot of stripping tape so as long as you have that you are golden!


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