5 for Friday

It’s Friday!  I feel
like the time has been flying.  It’s
crazy to think that we are almost halfway through March.  That’s insane!  I feel like just yesterday I was sitting down
to eat some Christmas Eve dinner with the family.  It was only about 2 ½ months ago, but still
it feels like just yesterday.  I feel
like whenever it starts warming up the time starts to fly.  This week it got as warm as being in the 50’s!  I would hope that we are done with snow and
that the warm weather will only get warmer. 
This girl wants to put her convertible to good use Mother Nature!
Tomorrow I get to go see Cinderella with three of my blogger friends.  I met most of these ladies either a year or over a year ago.  They are the regulars at the blogger meetups I host (which hint hint if you want to be a part of one and you can meet in NYC email me because I want to start organizing one soon).  They are Sara from Sincerely Sara, Simone from Fashion Runs the World, and Alex from GloryBoon.  I cannot wait to see these lovelies again!
Green Theme
Don’t forget to take a look at some of the green posts going
on this week.  I already started to
upload some St. Patrick’s Day posts.  I
have two mani’s (here), two outfits (here and here), cupcakes (here), YouTube (here), and stay tuned for Monday and Tuesday’s

It’s crazy to believe that Sunday will mark 3 years of me
starting my journey to Texas.  Even
though things didn’t turn out as I’d hoped (I was back in Jersey within the
same year) it was still an experience and this time of year is always bitter
sweet for me.  I think about all of what I
had planned and all of what happened when I returned to NJ.  There were a lot of tears and hard moments
but just a few months after I came home things really started to look up for
me.  Ever since then I’ve been the
happiest person.  It took a lot of
disappointment and struggles to get to where I am today.  Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in
order to truly see how amazing of a person you are and how strong you are.  I’m actually thankful for everything I’ve
been through because it’s made me the humble person I am today.  However, Texas, we have unfinished business
and I will come back eventually.
Started linkup
Remember how last week I was talking about toying with the
idea of a link up?  Well, this week I
decided to just do it!  You can still
link up all the way until Tuesday and you can find that link up here.  I decided that instead of doing a strictly
just fashion link up, since my blog is a little bit of everything I wanted to
get to know some more bloggers who are the same way.  I love meeting bloggers who are either really
into fashion, health and fitness, or they write about lifestyle things, I mean
let’s be honest sometimes looking at all the places they’ve traveled to makes
me think of ideas of where I want to travel to eventually.  Thanks to everyone who has linked up and
anyone who will!
Friday Funnies

Me on my cheat days haha
Poor thing lol
Just because I have a maltese I had to post this.
Because well, ya know, I’m an old Grandma and such.
All the time!
When I wake up and I’m going to the bathroom to get ready and it’s Friday!
This is when I get to work and I try to do the Carlton for Calrlton Friday!  Yes, this exists between my coworkers and I.
And finally, this is me when it’s 5:30!
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  1. I want to go see Cinderella. I've always loved that movie. Thanks for sharing all of the funnies. They make my day!

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