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If you read last week’s 5 for Friday (here) then you already
know that I was going to see Cinderella. 
I LOVED IT!  I saw it with a few
blogger friends (Simone, Sara, and Alex) and our friends from our personal life.  They did such an amazing job on this
movie.  I think Cinderella is one of my
favorites, now and that’s saying a lot because my two favorite princesses were
always Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. 
The one quote that I absolutely loved from the movie that was repeated
quite a few times was “have courage and be kind.”  This is such a great message to send to
children who will watch this movie.  I
feel like nowadays this is a quote people need to hear.  I know a lot of people who are in tough
situations and this movie is a good example that you ALWAYS have to keep your
head up high and have positive thoughts. 
Misery loves company so you just need to keep going.  Anyway, back to Cinderella.  The acting was amazing, the costumes were jaw
droppingly gorgeous, and the effects of the infamous changing back to normal at
midnight was magical! 
Lilly’s Bday
Everyone, tomorrow is my little nugget’s birthday!  Unlike most grownups who have children, I
have fur children.  Don’t get me wrong, I
want children, but just not yet.  So, fur
babies will do.  We kind of half
celebrated last week because I actually made pupcakes (the recipe was posted
here yesterday) but tomorrow is her for real birthday!
Next week I will be in Orlando for a business trip with full
time job.  Any Florida readers or
bloggers here?  If so, what should I
pack??!!  What’s the weather like?  I keep reading up on other bloggers and it
looks like it’s still a little “chilly” for Florida standards but anything
beats the weather we have here in NJ.

1st Day of Spring-Sale Time
Ok, so let me tell you something really exciting.  Since today is the first day of spring, I
decided to give everyone a lovely coupon code for my Etsy shop!  Enter the code SPRINGCLEANING at checkout
starting today and ending Sunday and you’ll receive 50% off your purchase (not
including shipping)!  I need to clean out
some of my inventory so that I have enough room for some new designs I’m coming
up with.  For those of you who don’t
know, I create wire bangles and center pieces out of mason jars.  The coupon code is also for custom orders,
and if your next question is “but your policy states that you need at least 1
week (usually less) to create custom orders will the coupon still apply?”  YES! 
The coupon will still apply. 
Instead of typing in the coupon code I will just list the item for the
50% off price because the code will be over by Sunday.  Now since I’m starting my traveling next
Wednesday if you do ask for a custom order, I will try my hardest to get them
all finished before I leave!  Anyway, CLICK HERE to be redirected to my shop!  Happy
shopping y’all!!!!
Friday Funnies

My face when I see the first flowers of the spring season.
Um….WHAT?!  How have I never tried this before????  I’ve been eating nutella since my childhood when I first had it in Poland!!!
This gif just gets me every time!

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7 thoughts on “5 for Friday”

  1. hahaha I lol'ed at the Springtime ecard–my car has already gotten pooped on….nothing says Spring for sure. Ugh! lol
    I know some blogger friends in FL and they said the weather today is supposed to be in the upper 80s! So I'd pack some lightweight clothes!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I have been dying to see Cinderella! That being said, when I saw this pictures I thought wow her friend sure is busty.. and that dress is a bit over the top BEFORE I realized it was a movie poster! haha. (Ok, that could be the two glasses of lunch time wine I just drank). So happy to hear it's worth seeing though!

  3. That Michael Scott gif was HILARIOUS!!!! Oh my goodness. Just. So. Funny.

    And you may have changed my life with the Nutella/ice cream thing. Genius.

    I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!! Thanks for linking up again at H54F!
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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