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Hello JGTH readers! 
It’s finally Friday woohoo!  Please make sure to hop on over to another post I have going live today (here) because it’s about two very important causes that I wanted to tell everyone about.  Well,
it wasn’t really a rough week for me because I went to Orlando for a business
trip for three days, but I’m still excited to come home and relax.  Another great thing about this weekend is it’s
the weekend before Furious 7 comes out! 
EEEEKKK!  With that being said let’s
just hop to number 1!
Fast and Furious-NOOOOOOO MONICA!!!!!
In honor of Furious 7 coming out I’m going to have a Fast
and Furious special next week on the blog. 
This is where I let my tomboy side out. 
For those of you who don’t know I’m not as girly as you think.  I LOVE CARS. 
I am a car enthusiast, I have worked on my own cars in the past and most
of my friends are both guys and girls who are into cars.  I have very few “girly” friends.  Next week is going to be so exciting because
y’all will finally get to see the other side of this blogger.  It was actually thanks to The Fast and
Furious that I got severely into cars. 
The moment I saw that first movie I was hooked.  Once I saw the second one was when I told my
dad that I want my first car to be manual and that I want to learn how to drive
a manual before automatic.  Well, I ended
up taking my driver’s test on a manual. 
The guy who was my test person was infamous for not passing ANYONE on
first try.  He passed me all because he
was extremely impressed by my driving skills in a manual.  Ever since I’ve learned so much about cars
from friends, the internet, and from doing it myself.  I’ve also made mistakes but practice makes
perfect right?  With all of that being said,
I am so very excited to share all of my posts with you next week.  I’ve been waiting for next week for so long!  I’m also really sorry if my usual readers don’t
like these posts, but it’s something I love besides fashion so bear with me.  R.I.P. Paul Walker “Dude, I almost had you.”
Ok, so since next week is my lovely car special, this week I
uploaded all of my Easter posts.  Below
is a recap along with another YouTube lookbook video!
In Orlando
If you follow me on Instagram (@jerseygirltexanheart) you
already know the fun I’m having in Orlando this week.  If you’re not following me, then you totally
should, well only if you want to of course. 
I love making instafriends!

Did hair
Last weekend I did my hair. 
I decided I’m going to grow it out now so I just did color.  I was actually very tempted to cut it shorter
but I decided not to.  Plus, warmer weather
is coming which means I’m going to need enough hair to put up in a ponytail for
those hot days!

Friday Funnies

Just because I’m getting pumped for Furious 7 lol
I wonder what was going through this car owner’s head, “hm this random parking lot looks like a good spot to do donuts and turn some heads.”
haha…I really love car humor.
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