A Night to Remember


As some of you know a few months ago I was taken off the
market by my wonderful boyfriend.  Well,
he has a younger sister who is in High School. 
She’s been talking about prom and asked me a few questions so I decided
to write a post for some of my younger readers who may be attending prom this
I decided to put together three looks so that you can have a
few ideas for prom.  When I was a junior
I didn’t go all crazy with my dress and everything because I figured I could
save that for senior year.  Junior year
prom was just to go and have a good time. 
I also never did poofy.  I don’t
know what it is but I can’t do princess of poof.  I know some girls who can pull it off I mean
look at Cinderella she started it all for the poofy princess dresses but I just
can’t bring myself to do it.  I usually
go for pieces I can wear more than once. 
Both my junior and senior year dresses were worn more than just on prom
night.  I wanted to introduce this brand
Ihomecoming that I found that offers prom dresses online.  Thanks to this website you can have an
affordable prom of ihomecoming.
Now that you’ve heard of a way to find affordable prom
dresses let’s talk about that first dress. 
How pretty is it?!  It’s so
elegant and I love the light colors with a very simple shape and the glamorous
shine in the bust area.  I decided to
make this the girliest of the three looks I chose.  Since it’s a light color and it’s just so
pretty I wanted to use sparkle!  Lots and
lots of it.  The pop of color in the
clutch is perfect because it goes with the dress, can be worn again, AND I’m
seeing cobalt blue EVERYWHERE this season. 
Those Jimmy Choo Cinderella inspired shoes were PERFECT for this
The second look is something I would have definitely worn to
junior prom.  It’s actually quite similar
to the dress I did wear.  I didn’t want
to go over the top for this so I stuck with mysterious black and a little pop
of red in the clutch and the earrings. 
The best part about this dress is it’s timeless.  It’s a classic dress that can be worn so many
Onto the third look. 
I feel like this one can be worn to either junior or senior prom.  It has the high low cut which is super trendy
and you can easily dress this up a lot or dress it down if you aren’t
comfortable wearing sky high heels with lots of accessories.  I love that red too, it can go with A LOT of
different color combos.

If you’re looking for prom dresses online take a look at
http://www.ihomecoming.com/sexy-c104294/, they have a huge selection!

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