Easter Outfit


Blazer:  Vintage (Mom’s Closet) // Yellow Denim Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Sandals:  Marshalls // Clutch:  Gifted from Ellen
It’s that time of year again, Easter is almost here!  I love Easter because it’s time for new beginnings,
both religiously and during the season. 
The first day of spring was just a few days ago, can you believe
that?!  I wanted to showcase some Easter
themed posts this week because next week I have something else planned.  I’ll give you one giant hint, Furious 7 comes
out, so use your imagination on that one (insert big smiley face). 
This is a typical outfit I would wear to church just
because it’s in the Easter color scheme and it’s not too casual.  When I was younger I used to dress up a lot
more but nowadays I try to dress casually and chic.  I thought this was a more tailored look but
still perfect.  Since the pants were so
bright by themselves I wanted to tone it down with everything else so I chose
more neutral tones for the shoes and blazer. 
Oh and you see that straw clutch there? 
Remember when my blogger bestie Ellen got me my birthday present (here)?  Since it’s almost spring time I decided that I will finally be able to use
it!  It’s perfect because it’s straw and
I love love love that big flower on it. 
I’m pretty sure it screams my name.
This blazer also has a story behind it.  It was my mom and the other day she actually counted how many years it is.  18.  This blazer is 18 years old.  It’s only 9 years younger than me.  When I think of that it’s just absolute craziness.  My mom kept it all of these years because it’s a piece that can definitely be worn again.  All she had to do was take out the gigantic shoulder pads (they weren’t even cute ones that you could pull off, they were those typical ugly ones from the 80’s/90’s) and voila, good as new!  I tend to look at a lot of my mom’s clothing both current and older.  It’s fun to find an old piece and try to spruce it up a bit.

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  1. That is amazing about the blazer and how you are looking chic in it to this day. This is Rachel who won your Mint Julep giveaway recently. I am loving the heels that I purchased and will be styling them on my blog this coming Thursday. Hope you are able to check out the post.

    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

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