Green Belted and a Link Up!


Scarf:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Jacket:  Ralph Lauren (Ewa Bazaar) // Jeans:  Burberry (Ewa Bazaar) // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (old, Marshalls)
Can you believe that we are already in the second week of
March?  I am counting down the days (only
9 more days until it’s OFFICIALLY spring) until it is supposed to be warmer as
per the calendar.  However it’ll probably
still snow in April and not get warm until Memorial Day Weekend which is fine
because that’s the kickoff for summer anyway. 
I’m just hoping there is no more snow in the forecast until next winter!
I decided to start my St Patrick’s Day celebration on my
blog today.  I can’t believe St Patty’s
Day is next week!  Better get your green
on, and for those of you who will be consuming adult beverages please drink
responsibly!  I will not because it falls
on a weekday and unfortunately I don’t go anywhere on the weekdays except my
couch.  Actually I don’t even go out on
the weekends, it’s moreso just relaxing and watching a good movie or spending
time with either my family or the boyfriend’s family.  I’m really glad that boyfriend is a homebody
like me.  It makes it so much easier when
deciding what to do, until it comes to any decision that has to do with
food.  In my defense, I’m a Libra, we are
known to be indecisive because we look at all of the possible options, enough
said.  I mean how can I decide between
different foods on my cheat day?  It’s
extremely hard when I have to choose between steak or junk food.  What if I want both?  What if I want someone else to decide for me?  I do end up making some decisions when it
comes to food, but most of the time it takes a really long time to figure it
out or I just make boyfriend figure it out for me.
This is actually a good example of how many times boyfriend asks me what I want to eat and how indecisive I am the moment he asks me haha.
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  1. The green jacket paired with blue looks great! Definitely pops against that snow–here in this part of Texas I wouldn't know what to do with that :).

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