His and Hers Fast and Furious Tribute

As most of you know, Furious 7 comes out this week!  EEKKK!! 
I’m so excited for this movie, I know it’s going to be bittersweet because
it’s an awesome series, but Paul Walker is no longer with us.  I think it’s awesome that they asked one of
his brothers to step in for him and finish the movie.  I have a good feeling about this movie
though, and I’m not looking forward to the ending because I’m pretty sure they
will have a “In Memory Of” credit and those make me sad.  Anyway, let’s get into this post!
I decided to do a “His and Hers” photoshoot with
boyfriend.  Yes, that’s right y’all get
to see him for the first time here on JGTH! 
Not only do you get to meet him, but you get to meet his car as
well.  For Valentine’s Day I got a bunch
of little things for him one of which was including these shirts.  I did a his and hers theme and since our
saying is “ride or die” from The Fast and Furious movies I wanted to put that
on there as well.  On the back of the
shirts I had the prayers from them saying grace in the first movie and the last
movie.  Enjoy the below pictures of our
little photoshoot and don’t forget to take a look at the YouTube video that is also added at the end of this post.  There may be some video clips of two cars
doing donuts (wink wink) haha.  Also, in case you
haven’t been reading my blog and don’t know that this week’s theme is the Fast
and Furious, this is the second post (along with the mani from yesterday).  I wanted to do a little tribute to the series
and to Paul Walker.  Enjoy everyone!

Just so everyone knows, this week is my Fast and Furious tribute week.  Yesterday was a mani with this theme, today is a his and hers shoot, tomorrow will be me introducing boyfriend’s car since I already introduced mine a few months ago, and Thursday is my review of all of the cars I’ve had since I got my license.  I will be talking about what I love and don’t love.  I cannot wait for the movie to come out!!!!!!!!
It’s not like you can tell that I’m excited or anything haha.
Also, I’m very happy to finally be sharing all of this with my readers.  I have a tomboy side and this is it.  I may wear pink and I may wear heels, but I love cars and have worked on my own.  This is where you get to know the other side of me that I haven’t really gone into depth with here on the blog so I’m sorry if I bore y’all!

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  1. Really cute post – I love that you got your boyfriend involved.

    Since you're such a big fan, I'll share this story with you. I was at a gift store in Vegas. There was this guy in the store with a baseball cap on. He looked so familiar. I was trying to think, did I go to school with him? How do I know him? Then, it came to me. Paul Walker, the actor, the super hot actor. I must have had a look of recognition on my face because he smiled at me, nodded, and raised his hat, like in a "nice to meet you, ma'am" kind of way. It was sweet, adorable, and I will remember it always. R.I.P.

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