5 For Friday

Well it’s Friday y’all.  You
know what that means, 5 for Friday!  For today’s 5 it’s pretty simple.
 I have a few recaps and a few YouTube videos for you too.  Yesterday
was the premiere of Furious 7, well technically today but some theaters were
showing yesterday as well.  So that’s why
this whole week was car themed.  Last
week was all about Easter and I’ll throw in some recaps for you as well if you’re
still thinking of last minute outfits, nails, or even recipes.  Before I go into my 5 for those of you who
celebrate Easter I hope it’s a great one!
1.  Fast and Furious Recap
Most of you didn’t know about my love for cars before this
week, well maybe because I have talked about my cars here and there on this
blog.  I know this blog is mostly about
fashion, but this week in memory of Paul Walker and in honor of Furious 7
coming out I wanted to show y’all my other side.  Yes, Jersey Girl, Texan Heart has a tomboy
side.  Thankfully boyfriend is a car
person too so I was able to borrow his car for this week’s posts and we have
something major in common that we tend to talk about a lot.  Don’t forget to check out the YouTube video
for the recap because there’s a few donuts at the end, this is what happens
when you have a #becauseracecar haha.

2.  Easter Recap


Easter is on Sunday, so for those of you who celebrate I
hope it’s a good one and for those of you who don’t, hopefully your job gave
you off either today for Good Friday or Monday for the day after Easter.  I did a whole week’s worth of Easter ideas
last week while I was in Orlando and I hope the outfits, nails, and baked goods
were useful for you!  For those of you
who have never celebrated before and have an Easter Sunday breakfast, brunch,
or dinner you can watch the video or even click on each link to give you some
ideas.  I know these are things I would
do or wear but pretty much just think spring and classy and you are good to go!

3.  Orlando Instarecap

I have so many recaps today sheesh!  Sorry about that but so many things have been
going on I figured I’d just recap everything. 
As some of you know if you follow me on Instagram (@jerseygirltexanheart) I kind of went ham on
the gram last week, so sorry for the overload. 
The above are not including a few more pictures but I went there for a
convention with my full time job.  Some
of the things I saw there were just so cool and how can you beat seeing the
world’s first 3D printed car, AND it runs! 
It goes 45 mph max but still that’s pretty awesome just to think about
how far technology has gone.  I thought
it was fun and even though it was work, I saw a lot of awesome things at the
convention.  Not to mention the hotel I
stayed in was a villa, the weather was in the 80’s, and I saw Disney from a
distance.  One day I have to make the
trip inside Disney, I want my pictures with my favorite princesses dang it!

4.  Day Off

I have off today.  It’s
so nice having a long weekend.  I can
catch up on SO many things especially here on le blog.  I feel like I’ve been slacking a little
lately with responding to all of your lovely comments, it’s taking me a week to
leave some lovin’ back on all of your blogs so I’m really sorry it’s just been
super hectic in the life behind the scenes of the blog.  I’m also excited because if I have time I’m
going to attempt to make some more cupcakes I can’t tell you what they are just
in case if I do make them and post them here, but all I can say is they are
perfect for the warmer months that I HOPE (it snowed on Tuesday) are ahead!

5.  I don’t have any funnies for you today since I did a massive amount of recaps and I feel like this post is overloading with information so I’ll just leave you with a TGIF!

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