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Furious 7 Review
Well, I must say Furious 7 was amazing.  I’m not going to spoil anything (and to all
of my readers if you comment same goes for you!) but they did a great job.  It was more action than cars but I also feel
like it was mostly the first 3 Fast and Furious movies that were more about the
cars.  This movie was such a good tribute
to Paul Walker and the ending got me.  It
was perfect.  Even if you go to see this
just for Paul Walker, you won’t be disappointed.
I get to see my blogger bestie next weekend!  I’m so excited hehe.  I haven’t seen her in a few months because of
all of the bad weather we had this winter. 
We are going to meet halfway as per usual.  I really can’t wait!
A week from today my blog turns two!  I will have a whole theme planned out for the
week and a little surprise on Friday.  I’ll
be hosting a giveaway to celebrate this little baby of mine turning two.  Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m saying
two when there are archived post back to 2010 it’s because I wasn’t consistent
back then so I don’t count those years.
Easter Recap
Easter was awesome.  I
loved all of the food and I also loved all of my gifts from the “Easter Bunny.”  Both my mom and boyfriend’s mom got me some
nice things.  Actually the pants mommy
got me will be part of my Blogiversary edition and will be uploaded on
Tuesday.  They’re Burberrrryyyy
Darling.  Imagine me saying that with a
really proper English accent haha. 
Friday Funnies
Well I feel like it’s been a while since I did Friday
funnies so here ya go!

This is kind of how fast my mood changes when I’m super stressed out haha.
Story of my life haha.
This was most of my teenage years haha
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