5 for Friday

Worked on Le Car
So I didn’t do anything mechanical, just did a few things to
customize my car.  Boyfriend helped with
the hard parts and I’m extremely happy with the end result.  We dipped the wheels black with chameleon sparkle
center caps.  Then we also used the
chameleon sparkle on the grill, license plate covers, and the Volvo badge in
the back.  We debadged the back of my car
and only kept the Volvo badge just to make it look a little more
symmetrical.  Ok, so now that I said all
of that let me explain a little further for those of you who don’t know what I
mean by dipped.  Ok, so in the car world
there are many different ways of painting when it comes to customization but
the most common (at least in my group of friends) is either dipping or
wrapping.  Plasti dip is used for dipping
and Vinyl Wrapping is used for, well, wrapping haha.  Wrapping is more expensive.  Both are not permanent because they can be
removed unlike an actual paint job where you have to get it professional done
and you can’t remove it yourself.  Plasti
dipping is pretty good and when you don’t like it anymore you can just peel it
off because it sprays on as a rubber coating. 
It’s still way better than spray painting which is what I did to my one
car in the past (NEVER again).  The chameleon
is a type of plasti dip that some people even use on their whole car but it’s a
color that changes under the sunlight and I just so happened to have one that
has a little sparkle to it.  I’m very
happy with the end result and cannot wait to start working on it in the mechanical
aspect.  Thank you mother nature for
making it warm again so I can work on my car! 
Oh, and, the pictures don’t do the chameleon justice.

Blogger Bestie
On Sunday I saw Ellen!!!! 
Yay!!!!  It was the first time in
four months and I was very happy to see her. 
On top of that I was very excited to give her, her gift.  I got her a Honda tank top since I know how
much she loves her baby!  You can read
more about the meetup here.
Giveaway ends at midnight
I have a giveaway for my Blogiversary.  This little baby of mine turned two last
week.  The giveaway is here, and you can
see what it looks like on here.  Just
remember that today is the last day to enter. 
This giveaway closes at midnight! 
Orphan Black
How did I not know about this show before?  Boyfriend and I started watching it over the
weekend and we started from the first episode. 
It was one of those Netflix marathons except it wasn’t Netflix
haha.  We watched quite a few episodes
and I’m IN LOVE with this show.  It’s
just brilliant!

Friday Funnies

I’m going to upload a few car memes just because of my first 5 for Friday today.

Or sometimes when I see a truck and he’s in my way I think of Fast and Furious when they lower the car and fit under the truck to get to the other side.  However, in real life that’s not possible no matter how low the car is.  Apparently in the movie they had to lift up the truck for that stunt.
Ok, now onto some other Friday funnies that everyone will enjoy!
My children will never understand the above meme.
And that’s it for today, have a great Friday everyone!!!!

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