Alice in Wonderland Mani Monday



Hello JGTH readers!  I
am so sorry that today I don’t have a tutorial. 
I have no idea why but I got carried away with my nail painting that I
didn’t even realize no pictures were taken during the whole process.  This design is pretty self explanatory if you
look at the pictures but I’ll give a written tutorial below.  I know I’ve talked about a few of my favorite movies whether
it be Disney classics, The Wizard of Oz, or recently my love for cars and the
Fast and Furious series.  Well, today I
want to introduce another movie I’m a huge fan of; Alice in Wonderland.  The whole story is pretty trippy and I’ve
heard many things about the author of the original book and how thanks to that
this amazing story was made.
I’ve seen both the Disney and Tim Burton version (um Mr.
Burton can you remake The Wizard of Oz? 
That would be just about the best thing ever).  I personally love both because Disney is what
I grew up on but Tim Burton just gives everything a dark twist.  I love his vision in his movies, I mean
people still talk about all of the movies he made!
Ok, I’m getting really off topic.  Moving on to the actual tutorial folks.
Of course you know the drill if you’ve read any of my nail
art tutorials; Sally Hansen Maximum Strength gets applied first.  I used three different colors on my
nails.  The thumb, middle, and pinky all
got white, while the pointer has blue, and ring finger has purple.
I used double sided nail art pens for all of the
designs.  For any designs that you see
with a black outline, always make sure you outline LAST.  Some people might say otherwise but I feel as
though if you were one of those kids who were terrible at coloring in the
lines, it’s best for you to outline last.

I’m not entirely proud of this design.  First of all I can see all of my mess ups and
I’m not a fan.  Second of all I feel as
those it doesn’t really give away what it’s supposed to be.  At least next time I’ll try and be a little
more creative because I did not do Alice in Wonderland any justice haha.  Happy Monday y’all!

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