Blazer and Shorts


Blazer:  Ralph Lauren // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren // Shoes:  Betsy Johnson (Marshalls, old) // Necklace:  Macy’s // Clutch:  Ralph Lauren // Sunglasses:  Gucci
It’s finally warm enough to whip out shorts!  As long as you come prepared to keep the rest
of you warm.  I am absolutely in love
with these particular shorts because they have an equestrian print and they are
Ralph Lauren.  I think everyone and their
mother know that I love Ralph Lauren and anything equestrian by now.  Actually come to think of it, this whole
outfit minus the shoes, jewelry, and sunnies, is Ralph Lauren.  Wow, I think I have a problem haha.
I thought this outfit would be perfect for a lunch or
meeting with friends.  It’s still
tailored and classy looking because of the blazer, but I feel like the shorts
give it that little extra pizzazz.  When
I uploaded these pictures onto my computer I actually had to do a double take
on myself.  I feel like this doesn’t even
look like me.  Then I started thinking,
how is that possible, it’s an outfit I wear and have worn so what’s so
different?  Then it dawned on me; my
hair.  I changed my part because every
once in a while I like to switch it up and try different hair styles and also
use my extensions which I’ve been doing a lot lately.  In order to not look like every other picture
I decided to part my hair different.  So
instead of the side part which is how my hair natural goes I went straight down
the middle.  Now whenever I change my
part and have long hair I always tend to feel like a hippy so I changed it up
even more and did the poof in the back. 
I don’t actually know what it’s really called because it’s not even
close to a beehive but it’s along the same lines so POOF it is! 
It’s crazy how one little minor change can change your look
completely.  I feel like that’s how it is
with clothing.  If you’re like me your
style is constantly changing but if you stick to something for so long and then
make the smallest change it’s very noticeable. 
A good example is if you wear a lot of classic and tailored pieces and
then one day you decide to throw in some animal print in there, you can still
look tailored but you have a little extra goin’ on.  Or even if you are wearing a really awesome
outfit but there’s just something missing and BAM you add the PERFECT pair of
shoes.  Sometimes it’s all in the

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