Blogger Bestie time at Sunset Grille


My Outfit:  Tshirt:  Target (old) // Shoes:  Vince Camuto (gifted) // Pants:  Burberry 
On Sunday I was finally able to meet with my blogger bestie Ellen from Ask Away.  I haven’t seen her in four months!  I was super excited to see her because well it’s time for catch up and girl talk.  Ellen usually plans these things for us because she’s really good at finding spots that are halfway for us.  I live in NJ and she lives in PA which doesn’t seem bad but she’s three hours away.  So since we both live extremely hectic lives we always meet halfway.  This time around we met at Sunset Grille in Allentown PA.  The food was delicious!  The drinks were pretty good too.  The first drink I had was good for a few sips and then after a while I wasn’t feelin’ it.  It had jalapenos and stuff in it that tasted good in the beginning and then it was just too much, that was called the Mango Jalapeno Margarita, it’s definitely worth a try though if you’re curious when it comes to tasting things like me.  The drink that was extremely good was the Cactus Drop.

For food I had the Texas Cheese Fries and the Sunset
Enchilada.  Both of these were
delicious!  I think the cheese fries were
my favorite because they had jalapenos and bacon in them along with my
favorite; cheese!  The prices were very
reasonable as well.  Service was fast and

Now, as for meeting with Ellen I cannot tell you how much I
love meeting up with her.  She’s become
my real life best friend and even though we live 3 hours away from each other
every time we meet up it’s as if that distance just doesn’t exist.  We’ve already met up with each other a few
times since we became instant besties back at Lucky FABB NYC 2013.  We sat next to each other after becoming
friends on instagram the night before and we realized how much we really had in
common.  The only differences were she
lived in PA, I lived in NJ.  Everything
else was pretty much the same.  I’m glad
I met her because I feel as though every girl needs that one girl friend she
can go to for advice.  Don’t get me wrong
boyfriend has become my best friend but I feel like having that female in my
life (not including my mom because she’s her own category) helps.  I mean, let’s be honest here, the boyfriend
will never understand the pain that aunt flow brings into town.  Sometimes, you just really need your girls!
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