Blogiversary Mani Monday


Well, today’s mani is the kickoff to my Blogiversary theme
this week.  My actually blogiversary is
on Friday, this little baby of mine turns two! 
Now, I know my archive shows stuff from 2010 but I was very inconsistent
and I also stopped blogging for 3 years in between so we will just disregard
those posts.  I can’t bring myself to
delete them so they’ve just been sitting there. 
I mean, my style was just so different back then and I laugh at some of
the outfits I put together and let’s not forget that I look like a little baby
Today’s mani is to celebrate my blogiversary.  I decided to keep this design very simple but
very “me.”  Pink and black have always
been my favorite color combinations (I know, black isn’t considered a
color).  So I decided to do that and add
some gems to my nails.  Now, of course we
all know that I have had some pretty intense nails  but I wanted to keep it simple and I think hot
pink and black was the perfect way to do it! 
I used Orly La Selfie which is the hot pink and Sally Hansen Black
Out.  The rhinestones are from Born
Pretty Store which is an awesome brand to work with, just be aware that they
are located overseas so it takes a little time for things to ship over, it’s
totally worth the wait though.  This
tutorial is fairly simple, I mean it’s really just painting the nails and then
just adding the motifs.  I usually don’t
use the nail glue for these I just use the top coat as the “glue.”  Since I change my nails so often I don’t
really need for the rhinestone/motifs to stay on for so long.  However I do recommend that if you are
looking to keep them on for longer I suggest you try the glue as well and see
which one last longer, just be very gentle when taking the nail glue off.

Stay tuned for all of my posts this week regarding my Blogiversary!!!!!
Oh, and for the first time ever I did someone else’s nails besides my own.  Boyfriend’s sister was my first practice set of nails!  I’m pretty happy with the design especially it being my first time but I’m not going to lie I was a little nervous the whole time doing it!

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