Country Chic and a Link Up!


Denim Top:  Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren (old) // Dress:  Target (old) // Belt:  Vintage (mom’s closet) // Boots Anderson Bean (Cavenders)
If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I got my
first pair of Luchesse boots from Cavenders last Friday.  I now have six pairs of cowgirl boots (I’m a
little crazy) and I’ve gotten my mom and dad a pair too thanks to Cavenders
loving their bloggers.  I wanted to throw
it back to my first pair of boots I ever bought.  I actually bought them from Cavenders down in
Texas three years ago.  These boots have
been through quite a lot with me.  From
being worn down in Texas to being brought here to NJ and them being a hit with
a lot of people.  I get stopped a lot and
complimented on my boots.  They are a
good conversation starter because well they are my first pair and besides Lilly
(my puggle) my souvenir from Texas.  I
will keep these boots forever! 
All of my boots from Cavenders are different brands.  These are Anderson Bean.  They’ve lasted me 3 years, including 3
winters, and 3 years of intense wear and tear. 
I think they now have character. 
They’re broken in perfectly!  I
only hope that one day Cavenders will migrate to the North East and open a few
stores up here.  I would probably live in
the store every day waiting for new arrivals. 
I wore a similar outfit to this one for Easter.  I wore the dress with the belt with my new
boots and I curled my hair because it was a special occasion so curling of the
hair is a must for me, and no extensions, DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!  Crazy, I know!
I also wanted to take the time to say thank you for all of
the support last week with my car theme, I’m so happy that I got to share my
other love and passion with y’all.  I was
extremely afraid to because I know most of you come here for all of the girly
things every day so to share something that’s not so girly was a big step.  Even though I didn’t go into depth about my
knowledge and enthusiasm for cars, I figured getting my feet wet on the blog
was a better idea.  I can talk about cars
forever so I kept it at the bare (I mean VERY bare) minimum.  Also, I won’t spoil it for anyone, BUT, if
you are contemplating seeing Furious 7 it is a must!  The ending is perfect and they did such a
great job with Paul Walker’s character. 
One last ride was definitely the perfect quote for the movie.  You can tell in certain scenes that the cast
was not acting, that they were truly emotional. 
I will say it again though, the last scene was perfect!



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