“Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses,” is the
first comment someone made to me when I wore my glasses for the first time my
sophomore year of college.  I had been
taking an accounting class and noticed that all of the numbers were blurring
together and it was actually affecting my grade because I knew what to do, I just
couldn’t see the correct numbers.  I was
somewhat excited to wear glasses because I’ve never worn them before and I was
so excited for the pair that I picked out. 
However, once that comment was made I was a little bummed.  I wore them anywhere because I thought they
were awesome.
Which brings me to my next little ramble in this post.  Glasses are fun and they can be an
interesting accessory, even if you get non prescription lenses.  I unfortunately need prescription but I know
so many girls who love wearing glasses as an accessory.  I feel like looking “nerdy” is a big trend
nowadays.  Above I styled EyeglassDiscounter glasses.  You can pick any
type of style ranging from Hipster Style to Designer Eyewear.  I styled these glasses two different ways,
classy and casual.

Both outfits are very different.  One is very polished and almost like a 50’s
feel (hence the cat eye glasses) and the other one is a very laid back casual
style.  I would most likely wear the
second look with a top knot, if my hair was long enough.  The styles are very different, but it goes to
show that you CAN wear glasses with your outfits and still be trendy.  If you wear eyeglasses don’t neglect the
style of them.  They are just as
important to your outfit as your jewelry!
*Please note that I was compensated for this post as an introductory of the company.

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  1. Monica, these are both super cute! I actually keep putting off a visit to the eye Dr. But your cute pics have made me rethink that. Lol. Happy Sunday!


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